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What are donkeys?

If cows are bovine and horses are equine, what are donkeys?


What do you get when you have Avogadro's number of donkeys?


I inherited some land recently and managed to buy 100 donkeys for £100...

...I planned on selling them one by one for a profit, but overnight some sick guy broke into my farm and cut all the donkeys tails off! Now I'm left with 100 donkeys with no tails, so I'm going to have to wholesale them!

(ask me why I have to wholesale them...)

Well I can't retail them can I?!

Where do donkeys sleep?


The smart smuggler

A shrewd businessman was crossing a border with two donkeys and some luggage. The border guard stops him and checks the packs, but finds nothing in them. He lets him pass.

This cycle repeats itself, with the businessman crossing the border back and forth, and the border guard never finding anything. Many years later, both the businessman and guard are retired and by chance meet up at a coffee house.

The guard sees that the businessman is very rich, so he asks him "Please answer honestly. I know you were smuggling something, but I can't for the life of me figure out what. What was it?"

The businessman replies: "Donkeys!"

This is a story from one of the adventures of a Persian sage called Mulla Nasrudin. Nasrudin's stories are both wise and funny. If you enjoy this one, I can post more. I had a book about these stories and remember quite a few.

How do mob boss mules open doors?

With Don-keys.

Lions sleep 18 hrs a day..

If hard work is the secret to success , then donkeys would have been the kings of jungle!

Donkeys joke, Lions sleep 18 hrs a day..

What do you call 3 or more donkeys?

an association.

Did you hear about the man who killed 47 donkeys?

I heard it was an assacre

What do you call an angry white elephant that likes crushing donkeys and darker elephants?

Donald Trunk.

I got a job on a farm....

It was circumcising donkeys, it wasn't too bad, 44 skins a day, with a chance to get ahead, and you could always count on big tips....

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What happens to donkeys in the winter?

They change into brrrrrro's.

What do you call men who don't own donkeys?

Assless chaps

Why can't Mexican schools have sex-ed classes and driving lessons on the same day?

Not enough donkeys

What's it called when ten donkeys form their own society?


What's the most unbiased news source?

National Geographic because in the end they always report the bad side to donkeys and elephants, not exclusively one.

Donkeys joke, What's the most unbiased news source?

Two donkeys are walking along when they come across a playground

The one goes "Oh my gosh, is that a see saw?!". Other one turns and says "no, it's a hee-haw."

A group of donkeys were sent to jail for eating the flowers outside a flower shop.

What a bunch of badasses!

Why don't donkeys like parking lots?

Because it's always the asphalt.

A husband and wife.

A husband and wife are driving down the road arguing like crazy when they pass a field full of donkeys. "Relatives of yours?" the wife asks. "Yup" the husband replies. "Inlaws"

Why are donkeys happy?

They're hung like a horse

What do you call it when two donkeys take down the president and become the new ruler of a country?


What do you call 2 donkeys boxing

Assassins creed

What do you call a bunch of upper-class British gentlemen bereft of donkeys?

Assless Chaps.

An American got busted at the border for trying to smuggle two donkeys into Mexico.

It was an assassination attempt.

A wife is making deer meat for her guests

A wife is making deer meat for her guests.

They soon arrive and to impress them, she tells them her children can guess what animal the meat belongs to.

She asks her children but they are dumbfounded.

Not wanting to be embarrassed in front of her guests she gives them a hint.

"It's also the nickname I have for your dad."

The children push the plate away and say "I don't wanna eat donkeys"

Donkeys joke, A wife is making deer meat for her guests

Me: I'm afraid of corpses and donkeys

My therapist: Deadass?

Me: *screams*

Lockdown has me reconsidering the Monty Hall problem of three doors and two donkeys

Because right now I'd much prefer to open the door for some ass.

Two donkeys are standing at a roadside

Two donkeys are standing at a roadside, one asks the other: "So, shall we cross? "
The other shakes his head: "No way, look at what happened to the zebra."

What were the bees and the donkeys talking about?

None of your bees'n'ass.

Saw a truck filled with donkeys going pretty fast

It was really hauling ass

Name two animals that should be endangered but are not!

Donkeys and Elephants

We used to have a moat around our yard that the neighbors' donkeys would always fall into when they came onto our property.

It was a real ass hole.

What do you call a person with 2 donkeys?


Not sure why people are getting grief for using ivermectin to combat covid

The label clearly states it is safe for use in donkeys and jackassess.

Happy Thanksgiving!

If the natives had given the pilgrams donkeys instead of turkeys, we would all be eating Ass for Thanksgiving!

Do you know why they don't send donkeys to school?

Nobody likes a smart ass.

My dad's favorite to a smart-ass kid

Strange how people think Mules do better work than Donkeys.

Especially considering Mules only do a half Ass job.

Me: I think it's safe to assume we are both donkeys.

My friend: Careful, you know what happens when you assume.

Me: Exactly.

As a commercial livestock hauler, my main responsibility is transporting donkeys.

My clients..have their asses handed to them.

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