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Top 10 Funniest Dongs Jokes and Puns

Why do most Vietnamese people seem like male prostitutes?

Because they pay for everything with their Dongs

Which country has the cheapest prostitutes?

Vietnam. Because over there you need 20840 dongs to make a dollar.

What's a Jahovah's witness' favorite treat?

Ding Dongs

Dongs joke, What's a Jahovah's witness' favorite treat?

Your mom is like a Vietnamese bank.

She loves dongs.

How did Little Debby get pregnant?

She fell into a box of Ding Dongs

The owner of hostess just brought the playboy mansion

Guess he really liked ho-hos and ding dongs

Why did the Vietnamese woman get a career as a prostitute?

Because she likes Dongs.

Dongs joke, Why did the Vietnamese woman get a career as a prostitute?

What's a Mormon's favorite treat?

Ding Dongs

Q: why do the gay guys like midnight?

A: twelve DONGS!

Me friend said you are what you eat.

As they asked I replied: star spangled ding dongs.

Some Americans use Magnum condoms for their Magnum dongs

Whereas Chinese use their Mao Zecondoms for their Mao Zedongs

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Where can you get 22740 dongs for a dollar?


Why was the lesbian nervous about her first trip to China?

All the dongs.

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