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The Best jokes about Dominoes

What's the difference between Kim jong un and dominoes ?

Dominoes can deliver a crispy Hawaiian in less than 30 minutes

I beat my wife at dominoes last night...

She really needs to remember that **I** choose the toppings.

How do you make an art student's car go faster?

Just remove the huge Dominoes sign on top!

I wish the name of a business would describe what it sells...

Curry's doesn't sell curries, dominos doesn't sell dominoes, and the virgin megastore, what a disappointment.

My father beat me at dominoes yesterday.

He said, I'm the only one who chooses pizza toppings.

What is the opposite of Dominoes?

Domi does not know....

How do you make someone, who has an art degree, car go faster?

Remove the Dominoes Pizza sign from the roof!

Did you hear the one about the Dominoes?

It has a really long set up but kind of falls flat at the end.

Why should you be cautious when stepping on dominoes?

You're walking on thin dice.

Which pizza shop is losing money due to business "falling"?

Dominoes (Basin Tss)

The set of dominoes for the holidays seems kinda wimpy.

They won't stand up for themselves, and they can be a bunch of pushovers.

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