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Why do dominatrixes get so much beauty rest

They just love to hit the sack

What did the dominatrix say after she spanked the wrong slave?

Whoops, wrong sub

My dominatrix is busy training a new assistant...

I guess she's showing her the ropes.

Domi joke, My dominatrix is busy training a new assistant...

Barnard castle joke

Dominic Cummings Was Lurking in these parts.


As a dominant I love reddit...

This place is full of subs

Why did the dominatrix join the submarine crew?

...She's just got a thing for subs.

What does a dominatrix and Indiana Jones have in common?

They both ride on top of subs.

Domi joke, What does a dominatrix and Indiana Jones have in common?

What is the opposite of Dominoes?

Domi does not know....

Im a dominatrix with a side business in toys

I sell pro-pain, and pro-pain accessories

Dominic Toretto's car wouldn't run

It had diesel in it.

Dominos is Fixing pot holes on your trip to get pizza!

Meanwhile, at Papa John's...

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What did the dominatrix say to Dwayne Johnson before they got started?

I'm about to be peoples elbow deep in the rocks bottom.

Why is Dominik Hasek so good at fractions?

Because he's the denominator

What does a dominatrix say when she's late?

"Sorry I tied you up"

I'm a dominatrix and I was supposed to be whipping a blonde client...but instead I whipped a brunette...

Whoops - wrong sub...

The dominating wife

A woman at an optician's shop: I am returning the glasses I bought for my husband. He is still not seeing things my way!

Domi joke, The dominating wife

My dominant gene is...


Never ask a dominant woman to make you a sandwich

Because she'll make you sub

How do you know if a dominatrix is racist?

All of her subs are collared people!

I was dominating a midget in a boxing fight.

In the end he had to throw in the flannel.

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