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If a Muslim beats his wife,

would it be domestic violence or child abuse?

A klansmen, a domestic abuser and a murderer walk into a bar...

The bartender asks what'll it be officer?

2 police officers were called to a domestic abuse,

2 police officers were called to a domestic abuse call. when they got there they had to call for backup. 2 police cars showed up making it 6 officers at the scene,

they called headquarters and spoke to their Captain.

"Captain we have a murder here"

"what happened?"

"a wife shot and killed her husband for walking on her still wet mopped kitchen floor"

"well, have you arrested her yet?"

"Not yet, the kitchen floor is still wet."

My wife wanted to make a joke about domestic abuse

>!But I beat her to it.!<

Recent reports show that due to the recent losses on the world cup, England is expiriencing an influx of domestic abuse, but hey... least they're beating someone.

They are opening a hardware store in Indiana where they will only employ people who have had a difficult childhood being raised in either domestic abuse or foster houses.

It will be called the Broken Home Depot.

A man brings his wife to his first domestic abuse support group

As they sit down, the man beside him leans over and whispers in his ear:

"You hittin' that?"

Irish man arrested for domestic abuse

The man has been arrested on the same charge 5 times before.

"Why do you keep beating her Paddy?" asked the police officer.

"Well isn't that obvious you idiot?

It is my height and weight advantage coupled with my superior reach and better footwork!"

My dad was a magician, but he also was abusive

He liked to turn 12 packs into domestic violence

October is domestic abuse awareness month...

Time to make your significant other aware....

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The punchline

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What do you call domestic abuse overseas?

Abusing a broad

Why is there no equality in domestic abuse?

Someone always has the upper hand.

Two dogs were fighting the other day.

So I called the police to report domesticated abuse.

What's the difference between Beyonce's clothing line and domestic abuse?

One's an BeyoncΓ© fash and the other's a fiancΓ© bash

I like my beer like I like my abuse...


My father was the greatest magician ever

He can turn any alcoholic drinks to domestic abuse

I like my craft beers like I like my abuse...


CNN hardest hit by recurring guest Michael Avenatti's domestic abuse scandal

Correction: second-hardest

If russia is the motherland and germany is the fatherland

That makes WWII domestic abuse

What do you call a domestically abused fish?

Battered Cod

Domestic abuse is a big issue people keep quiet about and for a long time I was sleeping

But then he hit me and I woke up.

The cops arrested me when they found me beating a Ford with a golf club.

I was charged with domestic abuse.

If an Indian man hits his wife,

Is it domestic violence or child abuse?

A boy was a victim of domestic abuse and was told hey could allow anyone to have custody of him

He chose the Dallas Cowboys because they're not capable of beating anyone

Double Standards [One-Liner]

Sure if a girl wants to be choked it's hot and kinky, but if I want to choke a girl, it's all of a sudden "domestic abuse"

Domestic abuse hurts everyone involved

yeah my knuckles are especially sore

When I asked you for the punchline...

...I didn't think you were talking about polygamist domestic abuse.

Im surprised Mayweather can hug so well...

despite all those domestic abuse charges

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