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Top 10 Funniest Domain Jokes and Puns

Girls are like domain names

those that I like are already taken.


Thor goes out for a ride on his mighty war horse.
He rides all morning and afternoon until as the sun sets he is sat on the top of the highest mountain overlooking his entire domain.
He stands up on the horse and shouts "I AM THOR" and as his voice echoes through the valleys his horse replies:
"That's because you forgot your thaddle thilly"

What did Montenegro's internet domain name say when it broke up with Yugoslavia?

It's not yu it's me.

Domain joke, What did Montenegro's internet domain name say when it broke up with Yugoslavia?

Since we're at it: Dating in your 30s is like registering a domain name...

The good ones are all taken. But you can always get one from an exotic country...

The mathematician worked from home,

Because he only functioned in his domain.

There once was an emperor who ruled over a massive territory.

When he came in to power he passed many strange laws. The first law he passed was that in every sentence that you use the word "or" you must also have an "M" in that same sentence.

The people of his domain could do nothing to oppose this outrageous law because it was the
"M per Ors" decree.

The government forcibly took over

They cited Eminem domain

Domain joke, The government forcibly took over

Top 5 Ways to Build Trust Once it is Broken

5. Do what you say
4. Honor your promises
3. Tell the truth
2. Speak from the heart
1. Remove from the domain and then add back into the domain after a reboot.

What is it called when a rapper takes your rap career for the public good?

Eminem Domain

What did the x-axis say to the y-axis?

This is my domain

Why do Irish websites load slower than the others?


Because their domain name is .ie

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What's the most popular top-level domain in Mordor?


What's the most popular web domain in Mordor?


What is eminent domain?

When the government makes you an offer you can't refuse

Why did the government seize Slim Shady's property?

It was emineminent domain.

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