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If you think swimming with dolphins is expensive, you should try swimming with sharks

Cost me an arm and a leg!

I hate dolphins...

...for all intents and porpoises.

A marine biologist developed a race of genetically engineered dolphins...

could live forever if they were fed a steady diet of seagulls. One day, his
supply of the birds ran out so he had to go out and trap some more. On the way
back, he spied two lions asleep on the road. Afraid to wake them, he gingerly
stepped over them. Immediately, he was arrested and charged with transporting
gulls across sedate lions for immortal porpoises.

A Swiss Army Knife is a lot like a pod of dolphins...


jokes about dolphins

You know how dolphins rape a lot?

They do it on porpoise.

What do philosophical dolphins say?

What's the porpoise?

I just finished writing a book on dolphins.

I should have used paper.

Dolphins joke, I just finished writing a book on dolphins.

So scientists have invented a way to turn dolphins nearly invisible

It's pretty neat, but I don't really see the porpoise.

A new study of dolphins was recently performed...

The study showed that within a few weeks in captivity, they were able to teach humans to stand at the edge of their pool and throw fish at them.

Why are dolphins all friends with each other?

They just click you know?

I heard that dolphins have vestigial legs...

It would seem evolution defeeted the porpoise.

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Why don't dolphins make mistakes?

They do everything on porpoise.

I thought of this myself, but I'm probably late to the punch.

Scientists have just announced today that dolphins are second to man in intelligence levels.

So that pushes women down to third place.

I'm setting up a website for single dolphins

Where true love's just a few clicks away

What do you use to clean dolphins and whales?

All porpoise cleaner

Dolphins are really clever

In fact, they have trained humans to stand at the edge of the pools and throw fish at them.

Dolphins joke, Dolphins are really clever

TIL Dolphins deliberately get high on the nerve toxins of puffer fish by chewing on them and passing it around

Talk about 'puff puff pass', amirite?

I got so angry with poachers illegally killing dolphins that I began randomly implanting some with tiny bombs.

But it just ended up defeating the porpoise.

I once tried driving to Mexico to steal a couple pet dolphins.

But I was arrested for trying to enter the country for illegal porpoises.

Dolphin joke...made it up myself today. :)

An aquarium guide brought a group of visitors around to see the dolphins, which were split up into two tanks. In the first tank the dolphins were all having fun, playing around with a beach ball. In the second tank the dolphins were training, working hard on a new trick. One of the visitors asked the guide, "So is this tank for the more serious dolphins?" The guide said, "Yes, for all intensive porpoises."

A new study shows that dolphins are second in intelligence to man...

Guess that puts women in third.

I find it strange how everyone suddenly cares about straws killing dolphins...

They've been breaking camels' backs for years.

Scientists claim that after man dolphins rank 2nd in intelligence..

After that comes apes, then some species of parrots.

I guess that pushes women down to 5th.

Do dolphins speak Welsh?

Or is it just Wales.

Why are dolphins so passionate?

Because they have a sense of porpoise.

I was recently asked why I bought paper with dolphins on them

Because the paper was multi-porpoise.



Dolphins joke, I was recently asked why I bought paper with dolphins on them

Scientists have discovered a way to make dolphins nearly invisible to the human eye.

I don't really see the porpoise.

"Dad, can you help me with my homework?"

"Sure son"

"What are 5 animals that live in the ocean?"

"3 whales and two dolphins"

"Thanks dad"


Did you know that dolphins have existential crisis too?

They wonder if their life has a porpoise.

Even though Sea World is shut down, the animals still need to be taken care of

Obama answers the call for volunteers. On his first day, they assign him to feed the baby dolphins.

As he is doing so, another volunteer accosts him "Our country is in crisis. Don't you have anything better to do?"

He replied "I think I'm serving a youthful porpoise."

Did you know that dolphins can commit suicide

On porpoise?

What do dolphins use to keep clean?

Multi-porpoise cleaner.

I went swimming with dolphins yesterday but there was one problem

They were too clicky

Besides humans dolphins are one of very few species that have sex for fun..

But damn, I still don't like that weird silence in the car every morning I take them back to the zoo.

A scientist is looking to conduct an experiment using dolphins

He goes to the pet store and asks the clerk if they have any dolphins

The clerk responds We don't have any dolphins, but would a whale work?

The scientist responds No thank you, that defeats the porpoise

dolphins doing calculus be like

(eá´±)' = Eeá´±

Two older male dolphins notice their hairlines are starting to recede.

Dolphins go bald, too. Tough for humans to notice, but dolphins notice... Anyway...

Understandably, they start getting a little down in the dumps recognizing the loss of their youth and feeling a profound sense of their own mortality.

In a moment of clarity, one dolphin says to his buddy, Hey compadre, we don't have to just *accept* this as our new normal, ya know? What with modern fashion and technology these days… we can *do* something about this!

So they went out and bought matching hairpieces. They were toupees in a pod.

How do dolphins become happy?

They produce endolphins!

If dolphins could code...

they'd program in C.

Why do dolphins get so happy when they move into a house?

Because they have a lot of indoor fins

Why are Dolphins so successful at dating?

They always click with one another!

My wife asked me if I had heard that female dolphins have clitorises that are very similar to humans.

I asked her why she was telling me this.

She replied, "Do you think God did that on porpoise?"

Dolphins get high passing around a pufferfish... what kind of drug would u call that?

NARQUATICS !!!!😂🤦‍♂️

I went on a camping trip to try to save the dolphins.

It was a waste of time for all in tents and porpoises.

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