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To the people comparing Rachel Dolezal pretending to be black to Caitlyn Jenner being trans...

Transrachel isn't the same as transjenner.


Rachel Dolezal, the white woman pretending to be black, is apparently jobless and living off food stamps

I guess she really was black.


I think Rachel Dolezal is misunderstood. . .

It turns out she's bi-Rachel.


Rachel Dolezal just announced she's writing an autobiography

it's titled "The Inward Woman"


So an Indian and an African walk into a bar....

Just kidding... its Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal


So Rachel Dolezal becomes a Rapper...

Her rap name: the notorius W.H.I.T.E


What's the food equivalent to Rachel Dolezal?

...a hamburger.


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