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Top 10 Funniest Dole Jokes and Puns

Did you hear about the Dole truck that crashed?

It was speeding down the interstate going 20 over the speed limit with a bunch of monkeys hanging off the side when suddenly it lost control and crashed, spilling the contents of it's trailer across all four lanes blocking traffic for hours.

It was bananas.

There was a terrible attack on the International Fruit Expo this year.

I was the Dole survivor...

What did John Belushi do when someone tried to hand him a bundle of Chiquita bananas?

Stuck his arm out and said, "No thanks. I'm a Dole man."

What do you call someone from Olomouc who's living on the dole?

A welfare Czech.

So Bob Dole was asking Clinton for advice about women...

Bob whines "I just can't seem to get any women, and you always have more than you can handle. Gimme some pointers!"
Bill tells him "Hey, just shove a potato down in your pants, it works for me!"
A few days later, they meet again. "Hey, Bill, I took your advice, and the women seem to avoid me more than ever!"
Bill looks down, and says "You're supposed to put the potato in the *front* of your pants!"

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