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Top 10 Funniest Dojo Jokes and Puns

Netflix announced another karate kid spinoff, this time the dojo trains insufferable whiney entitled children.

It's called Cobra Caillou.

Hayato had a question

Then he headed to master Akira dojo on the top of the mountain, when he finally got there Hayato asked to the master:

-Master Akira, why people say that all the japaneses are alike?

And then he aswered:

-I'm not master Akira, he's over there.

Well that was one of the best martial arts pick up lines

What do you call a Judaic dojo that is into black magic?

A Jew Juju jiu jitsu parlor

I walked into an underemployed martial arts dojo today and offered my skills.

In no time, I was HI-YA'd!

You know about the Matzo Maker to opened a dojo?

He wanted to practice his judo.

Street Fighter: What did an angry Ryu say when Ken came up to him and asked if he could go to the upper floor of the dojo?


Did you hear about the sketchy Karate School in the new Powerpuff Girls series?

Mojo Jojo's Dojo.

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