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Top 10 Funniest Dog Christmas Jokes and Puns

Totally sick of idiots letting fireworks off early, it's still October for goodness sake!!!

Dog is going mad and keeps knocking the Christmas tree over!

You better not.

I heard this on Christmas day from an elderly, retired preacher.

Two men were watching a dog lick himself. One of the guys said "Man, I sure wish I could do that!"

The other guy said, "You better not- that dog will bite you!"

I feel bad jerking off on Christmas...

...but that's a stupid name to give a dog anyway.

My dog ate a string of Christmas lights.

The vet was able to remove them.
He said the dog was delighted.

"Mum, can I have a dog for Christmas?"

"No, you can have turkey like everyone else"

For Christmas I got my sister a dog.

In hindsight, I should poked some holes in the box.
Then again, I shouldn't have wrapped it a week early.

What's worse than raining cats and dogs?

Hailing taxi cabs!

Got this from a joke book my niece got for Christmas. Most of them were groaners but this one actually made me laugh!

Little Johnny: „Mom, can I get a dog at Christmas, please?"


Mother: „No, you'll be getting turkey, like every year!"

A mom and her daugter (christmas)

Daughter: "Mom, can I get a cat or a dog at Christmas, please?

Mom: "No honey, you will be getting turkey, like every Christmas!

What is a dog's favorite Christmas song?

Fleas Navidad

What happened to the dog that ate a Christmas tree?

He farted a cracker.

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My dog got a sex change and joined a successful band that plays Christmas music

He's now my Trans-Siberian Husky

It's raining like cats and dogs on Christmas eve...

Hope it doesn't continue till Christmas, or it's gonna rain deer.

What do you call a dog on the beach?

Sandy Claws

Merry Christmas

A kid asks for a dog for Christmas.

His mom says "No, we're eating a turkey like always."

Someone tried breaking in on Christmas's eve!

He kept calling us all ho's and had some funny looking dogs with him...


A Chinese kid asked his mom if he can have a dog for Christmas

His mom said no.

He gets turkey and stuffing like everyone else.

Feeding the family

The kids asked for dog this Christmas. Normally we serve Lamb, but this time of year is all about the kids.

I said yes, but we usually have a turkey for Christmas.

The girls said they wanted a dog this year.

Just found an unopened Christmas present from last year.

Imagine giving someone a dog skeleton!

A nice dog crosses the road on Christmas.

It gets hit by a car

My kids asked for a dog for Christmas.

We usually have turkey, but I'll try to make them happy.

I asked my mum for a dog this Christmas...

but she said I had to have turkey like everybody else.

My kids wanted a dog for Christmas...

Why did we have chinese food on boxing day?

The whole "dog for christmas" thing wasn't a hit

Remember the old Korean saying "Dog not just for Christmas"

"Any luck, some left over, boxing day"

"This year I had a dog for Christmas"

"That's funny, we had a turkey like every other year"

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