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I have just watched a documentary on marijuana.

I think all documentaries should be watched this way.

Just watched an interesting documentary on cocaine...

Going to watch all documentaries this way now!

I just watched a great documentary on Cocaine.

I think I'm going to watch all my documentaries this way now.

I watched a documentary on LSD the other day.

I think all documentaries should be watched that way.

I watched a documentary on Marijuana last night…

…that's probably how I'll watch all documentaries from now on.

I just finished watching a documentary on weed

I think more documentaries should be watched this way

I watched a documentary on weed last night

I think that's how I'll watch all documentaries from now on.

Seriously? You're asking me why I love watching documentaries of dangerous places?

Let's not go there.

Just watched an incredible documentary

....on cocaine. From now on i'm going to watch all documentaries this way.

I just watched an awesome documentary on cocaine.

From now on, I'm watching all documentaries like this.

I love the BBC's documentaries about time and space!

I really quantum to continuum!

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Have you ever seen those documentaries of people who clean themselves like cats?

They are fascinating to watch, though they typically only ever clean each other's genitals.

When I'm stoned I like to watch science documentaries about science.

What do you call two documentaries which take the same paranormal source material and reach logically sound yet conflicting conclusions?

A pairodocs

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