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A German Shepherd, a Doberman, and a cat died.

In Heaven, all three faced God, who wanted to know what they believed in.

The German Shepherd said, I believe in discipline, training, and loyalty to my master.

Good! said God. Sit at my right side. Then God asked, Doberman, what do you believe in?

The Doberman answered, I believe in the love, care, and protection of my master.

Aha, said God, you may sit on my left.

Then God looked at the cat and asked, And what do you believe in?

I believe, replied the cat, that you are sitting in my seat.

A German Shepherd, Doberman And Cat Have Died And Gone To Heaven

A German Shepherd, Doberman and a cat have died.

All three are faced with God who wants to know what they believe in.

The German shepherd says: "I believe in discipline training and loyalty to my master."

Good," says God. "Then sit down on my right side. Doberman, what do you believe in?

The Doberman answers: "I believe in the love, care and protection of my master."
Ah," said God. "You may sit to my left."

Then he looks at the cat and asks, "And what do you believe in?"

The cat answers: "I believe you're sitting on my seat."

I have two Dobermans, named Rolex and Timex.

Watch dogs

Doberman joke, I have two Dobermans, named Rolex and Timex.

Dogs and old tech

I work at a veterinary hospital.

We had to give booster shots to a dog today, specifically a Doberman Pinscher.

I noted that we were "updating a dobie."

Many groans were had.

I thought it was funny. :)

Some guys are talking about pets...

They get to talking about how good big dogs are because they can make good guard dogs.

One of the guys says "I preferred my old chihuahua pebbles better. And no other dog made me feel safer! He died killing a rabid full grown doberman for me!"

The other guys are confused and ask how that was even possible.

"The doberman choked to death."

A burglar broke into a house. As he was opening the safe, he heard a voice

The voice was saying "Jesus and I are watching you". The burglar turns around and sees a parrot.

"Stupid bird, it was you that scared the hell out of me"

"Yes, it was me, Aristotle"

The burglar laughs and says "That's a stupid name for a parrot"

The parrot replied "Well, Jesus is a stupid name for a doberman"

Spider bite created Spiderman. What would a dog's bite create?


Doberman joke, Spider bite created Spiderman. What would a dog's bite create?

Dogs playing poker

Why are dogs bad at poker?

Because they wag their tails whenever they have a good hand.

Why did John's dog win the poker tournament?

Because he's a Doberman.

What's black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?

a doberman

What did the wiener dog say to the Doberman?

Go ahead I'll ketchup, I mustard.

Ad in the classifieds:

Trade cute Doberman Dog for orthopedic hand.

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What has 4 legs and an arm

A Doberman in a playground.

How can you tell the difference between a doberman and a liebrman?

Doberman is snipped in the back.

My friend's name is Ben Doberman and his wife's name is Ima Ho

Did you hear about the dog that all men fear?

It's half Cocker Spaniel and half Doberman Pinscher.

That's right. It's a Cocker Pinscher.

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