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Why did the EA executive cross the road?

Buy the DLC to find out!
Alternate ending available if you purchase the season pass!

Why did the gamer cross the road?

Buy the DLC to find out

EA Sportsβ„’ - It's in the game.

jk its in the dlc

I was playing video games last night while my son was sitting next to me watching. He said, "dad I wish real life was more like video games."

So I locked him in his room and told him if he wants access to the rest of the house he will have to pay .99 for the DLC.

Why did EA games management cross the road

If you wanna find out, please buy the Punchline dlc for 49.99$ or have a chance to get it from a loot box for 2.99$ each

Which mafia boss came with all the dlc?

John Goty

Why is EA the worst gaming company in the world?

[You need to buy the DLC to watch this]

Top 5 anti-vax excuses, interpreted for gamers

Excuse #5: "I like to play life with the default biological settings".

Excuse #4: "I like to take my chances and play it on extreme difficulty, just like old school style."

Excuse #3: "Pay to win? Eww."

Excuse #2: "I'll rather die than pay for DLC."

Excuse #1: "I swear the update caused that c**...."

14. Having your title be an extension of the post as well

Things I hate

1 Lists

2 Irony

4 Numbers being out of order

5 Skipping numbers

F Inconsistency

7 Repetition

7 Repetition

8 Speling wurdz rong


10 Replying to your own comment

This DLC is getting out of hand...

The DVLA want me to pay Β£60 to add three points to my driving license, because I beat my high score!

Electronic Arts should release physical analog day planners.

DLC for Months.

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Life is just a game...

and God just dropped the Outbreak DLC

The Outlast Whistleblower DLC actually shares the same plot as WW2

Turn off the gas chamber

Rockstar has pretty much confirmed it's making a new Red Dead ...

... Grand Theft Auto V dlc with new customizable skins inspired by attire in the famous western-themed game.

What do we call the process which usually happens after a company deliberately sells a misleading product to its customers?


Why did the DLC character cross the road?

*Please pay $1.99 to view the punch line.*

Yesterday was a really big day for Monsters.

Godzilla King of Monsters, Monster Hunter World dlc and the new Sonic poster were all teased.

Is Waluigi going to be a DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?


There's a DLC for football on July 15th.

It's the World Cupdate.

When a free app wants me to purchase DLC I become a copy cat

App: Buy Now!

Me: Bye Now!

Why does the EA employee cross the road?

Download the limited DLC to find out !!!

I understand why everyone is so upset with EA

I mean, who puts a Fifa dlc in a Star Wars game?

Battlefield 1 dlc pack just announced!

The armenian genocide comes with 3 new maps and lots of new weapons. Only 19.99.

Christians and Muslims are basically Jews

except they bought the DLC

So I heard through the grapevine that Mortal Kombat X will add a new police officer character as DLC...


Officer Farva wins.

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