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What's DJ Khaleds favourite number?

11 because it has another 1.

What is DJ Khaled's favorite number?

Eleven. Because it has another one.

Dj Khaled is like a Pokemon

All he does is shout his name

DJ Khaled has just declined a role in his upcoming biopic.

When asked about his decision, he was quoted to have said "never play yourself."

DJ Khaled was featured in a Weight Watchers commercial for losing weight...

...He must have stopped eating out...

What's DJ Khaled's favorite number?

11, cuz it's got *anotha one*!

Why is DJ Khaled's favorite number 11?

Because there's another one.

How many pounds does DJ Khaled plan to lose with Weight Watchers?

Another one

How many DJ Khaled's does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Doesn't matter, we're still gonna need anotha one.

DJ Khaled was playing cards with his family.

And a mother won.

Why does DJ Khaled have sleeping issues?

Because everytime he tries to count sheeps before falling asleep, he always goes like : "Another one, another one, another one..."

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DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled's full name is Khaled Ibn Abdul Khaled, so basically his name is Khaled Khaled.

When his mum named him, he was like another one.

What's DJ Khaled say his favorite gaming system is?

Wii the best

I finally figured out why DJ Khaled yells his own name in songs...

Because his wife never yells it in the bedroom.

What's DJ Khaleds favorite phone

One plus one, because it has another 1

DJ Khaled invented a weight loss app

Everytime you lose a pound, his voice comes on and says "Another one".

Dj Khaled is like a pokemon

he just says his name.

What did DJ Khaled say when the second plane hit the World Trade Center?

Anotha one!

DJ Khaled must be asian....

all he does is nguyen.

DJ Khaled's favorite number

Is 11 cuz There's another 1.

Saw this comment on Wild Thoughts.

What's DJ Khaled's favorite type of battery?


What did Dj Khaled say to the barn owl?

You talonted

Your assistant says you have a voicemail from a music producer

The DJ Khaled

Between Justin Bieber, Quavo, DJ Khaled, Chance the Rapper, and Me, who is the worst rapper?

That's a No Brainer, I'm the One.

How many DJ Khaleds does it take to change a light bulb?

Another one.

What is Neo's favorite DJ Khaled song?

"I'm the one."

What is DJ Khaled's favorite fraction?

1/9. Because, after the decimal, it's always another one.

Why is DJ Khaled so good at music?

He loves major keys.

DJ Khaled: "Meek Mill, wake up!" Meek Mill: "Why, what's going on?"...


Why does Dj Khaled's son have a babysitter?

He never plays himself

Why does DJ Khaled love mexico ?

I dunno, somejuan should ask him.

What does DJ Khaled call his mexican friends?

Another Juan

DJ Khaled is a priest in mexico. What does he say at baptism?

Another Juan

Whats Dj Khaleds Favourite Jetski Brand?


Why doesn't DJ Khaled write any sad songs?

Because they aren't in a major key

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