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Top 10 Funniest Dixie Jokes and Puns

Please join me. My daughter an I did this for hours one day.

Zombie phlebotomist, veinnnnns.
Zombie engineer, traaaaiiins.
Zombie Dixie Chicks fan, Natalie Maiiiinns.

I got to test the new self driving prototype, the Ford Dixie

But it crashed and I can't get the police to help. They hang up every time after I tell them "My Dixie wrecked"

Dixie Kong ran up to Donkey Kong crying..

"What wrong?" asked Donkey Kong.

"Someone told me I could get bananas from a hornet's nest so I hit it and the hornets came out and chased me!" Dixie sobs.

"Sounds like you did a Diddy." says Donkey.

"A Diddy? What's that mean?" asks Dixie.

DK explains, "I'm sayin, 'Do a Diddy'. Diddy dumb, Diddy do."

Names that when read out loud sound dirty

Hue Janis
Hue Jazz
Dixie Normous
Jack Mehoff
Mike Hawk
Phil Mahooters
Philip Mabung

What are some of your good 'fake names'

Looking for some good joke names like:

Mike Hunt
Dixie Normous
Ivana fukalot

Why don't people do reverse cowgirl in Dixie?

Because you don't turn your back on family.

Does anyone know a southern repairman?

Because my dixie wrecked.

What do the song "Dixie Chicken" and a Klansman have in common?

You would refer to both as a Fowl(/ul) Southerner.

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