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Did you hear about the butcher's assistant who ditched work to try out for the football team?

He didn't make the cut.


Last Halloween i dressed up as Julius Caesar, and my friends ditched me

Talk about getting stabbed in the back


Man overboard!

An Admiral was touring one of the ships in his fleet. After dinner, he ditched his escorts and walked along the weatherdecks. He came upon a seaman, and decided to ask a few questions to check the level of training aboard.

"Sailor," he asked, "what would you do if someone fell over the rail?"

"Officer or enlisted Sir?" was the instant reply.

"Um, okay, enlisted, uh, someone from your division. Yeah, one of your buds falls over the side, what would you do?"

"Call away 'Man Overboard,' toss a floatation device to him, stick by the rail and try to keep an eye on him while the ship turns and lookouts assemble. When a phone talker arrives, give information to the bridge to aid in the recovery."

"Okay, sailor, good answer. But I have to ask, what would you do if an officer fell over the side?"

The sailor leaned close, looked left and right, and asked, "Which one?"


Whats do a baby and old people have in common?

They both get ditched in the park


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