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Two scientists walk into a bar.

"I'll have H2O," says the first.

"I'll have H2O, too," says the second.

The bartender gives them both water because he is able to distinguish the boundary tones that dictate the grammatical function of homonyms in coda position, as well as pragmatic context.

How does a Japanese person distinguish between a German and an extraterrestrial?

He doesn't, they are both Aryans.

I hate people who can't distinguish etymology and entomolgy

They bug me in ways I can't put into words.

Distinguish joke, I hate people who can't distinguish etymology and entomolgy

Zoology Tip

You can distinguish an alligator from a crocodile by paying attention to whether the animal sees you later or in a while.

The fact that some people can't distinguish between etymology and entomology...

...bugs me in ways I can't put into words.

Why can't Harry Potter distinguish between his best friend and his pot in potions class?

They're both cauldron

It's important to distinguish between a seal and a sealion.

A sealion is just like a seal, but it's either gained or lost electrons.

Distinguish joke, It's important to distinguish between a seal and a sealion.

Why can't software developers distinguish between Halloween and Christmas?

Because OCT 31 == DEC 25

(hint: octal and decimal are numerical bases 8 and 10 respectively, happy holidays!)

When it comes to distinguishing male genitalia from female genitalia...

There's a Vas Deferens.

A group of Native Americans are sitting around a campfire

A young brave asks the others, "When will I be given a name?"

"When you distinguish yourself in the tribe," answers Thundering Buffalo.

"Then the elders will recognize you with a name," says Rides By Moonlight.

"It is the proudest moment of a young brave's life," says Silent Wolf.

"Eh, it's overrated," says Shits In Breechcloth.

How do you distinguish between a Japanese guy and a Chinese guy?

Use a Geiger Counter.

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People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology,

bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

I don't like when people distinguish between Jew and Hebrew

I guess you could say I am anti-semantic.

There's an easy way to distinguish an alligator from a crocodile.

It's a very simple technique. One you'll see in a while and the other you'll see later!

A chemist and his friend go to lunch. When asked what they want to drink,the chemist says, "I'll have some H2O." His friend says "I'll have some H2O too"

When they get their drinks, they both are fine because the waiter is a sensible person who is able to distinguish the difference between the chemical compound H2O2, hydrogen peroxide, and asking to have water, like his friend.

How do you distinguish a French tank from a British tank?

The rear-view mirrors

Distinguish joke, How do you distinguish a French tank from a British tank?

What distinguishes a good prostitute from a GREAT prostitute?

Excellent customer cervix.

[oc?] In many Asian countries, it's hard to distinguish prostitutes from members of the clergy.

You can't tell who is hoe Li or not.

How can you distinguish an alligator from a crocodile?

>!Just determine which will see you later and which will see you in a while!<

What distinguishes the US President from your regular US resident?

A big pee.

How to distinguish between the meows of male and female cats:

1. Listen intently to the meow
2. Take a peek at their genitalia.

Engineers are using tracking to try to distinguish an autonomous vehicle on a cross country road trip from a human-driven car.

They call it the Touring Test.

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