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The distinction between a sibling and a half-sibling

is apparent.

Hero of the Soviet Union

[[ Here's a joke from Soviet Russia. "Hero of the Soviet Union" was the highest distinction awarded. ]]

A fisherman catches a wish-granting goldfish. The goldfish tells him to wish for anything.

"I want to be a Hero of the Soviet Union", he says.

A moment later, the fisherman finds himself in Kursk. There are 5 Panzers approaching, and he has three grenades.

Why is there no clear distinction concerning the morality of altering one's personality through brain surgery?

Because, it's a bit of a grey matter!

Distinction joke, Why is there no clear distinction concerning the morality of altering one's personality through brai

A traveler meets a blind hermit

Who tells him:"There's a clear distinction between us, young man", to which the traveler responds thoughtful: I see.. "

What is the distinction between a man that has had a vasectomy and one who hasn't?

I don't know, as far as I'm concerned there's not a vas deferens.

What do you call a flaccid snake?

A reptile distinction.

What is the distinction between nervousness, fear and panic?

Nervousness is when your wife is pregnant.

Fear is when your girlfriend is pregnant.

Panic is when they both are.

Distinction joke, What is the distinction between nervousness, fear and panic?

Something interesting I learned about Edward VIII

He has the distinction of being the only person ever demoted from Lord Admiral of the Fleet to third mate on an American tramp.

What's the difference between a soft shell taco and a burrito?

I don't care, but the distinction is more important than who killed Selena Quintanilla.

Why do gay German couples never have trouble arranging their stuff in the bathroom?

There's no distinction between his or herrs.

I can't believe more people don't understand erectile distinction.

It's really not that hard.

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The distinction between horror and terror .

Horror is the first time there's no second time.
Terror is the second time there's no first time.

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