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The Best Distillery Puns

Who would win in a drinking game between an Irishman and a Scotsman?

The distillery.

I was thinking about going into business and opening my own distillery...

But my accountant thinks that's a whiskey investment.

Two Chinese Guys Break Into a Distillery

The one guy looks to his friend and asks: "Is it whiskey?"

His friend replies: "Yea, but not as whiskey as wobbing a bank."

My great-grandfather started up an underground distillery during Prohibition

It was a whiskey business

Two Chinese men break into a distillery

One turns to the other and says is this whiskey? The other replies yes, but not a whisky as wobbing a bank.

Two chinese men break into a distillery one night

One of them grabs a bottle, takes a swig and asks his friend: "Is this whiskey?"

His friend replied nodding: "yes, but not as whiskey as wobbing a bank"

I want to start my own distillery, but i'm a bit hesitant....

it's a whisky business.

Is it whisky?

Two Chinese men break into a Scottish Distillery. One turns to the other and says "is it whisky?". His accomplice turns to him and says "yes! But not as whisky as wobbing a bank".

Did you hear about the allegations on the forged distillery?

Sorry, fake brews.

Two Jewish brothers started up a craft beer distillery

called He-Brews

If Tom Cruise owned a liquor distillery, what would he call it?

Whiskey Business

A man falls into a vat at a scotch distillery...

he drowns in the vat and the workers decide that despite this they'll still bottle this batch.

While tasting they agreed that despite the odd taste it was full bodied.

Why was the distracted man fired from his job at the distillery?

Because he couldn't concentrate

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