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My girlfriend dissapeared when she got a virus on her computer one day and never came back.

I guess she Ransomware..

My dad is the world's greatest magician..

He told me to close my eyes and he dissapeared without a trace for over 23 years.

There was a Spanish magician...

And he was performing for a crowd. He told the crowd that he would dissapear into thin air. So he counted:
And he dissapeared without a tres.

One dark night, my youngest son was looking at a plane move across a clear sky...

... 'Whew', he said after it had dissapeared from sight. 'I'm never going to be a pilot.'

'Why?', I asked.

'Can you imagine how hard it would be to steer around all those stars?'

A guy asked his boss for a day off because he was feeling sick.

His boss told him : When I'm feeling sick,I kiss my wife and kids,and my illness goes away.Try it.

Ok - said the employee,

An hour passes and the boss asks him how it went.

The employee replies : It was hard at first because she refused,but then your wife agreed and my illness dissapeared.

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