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My friend and I had arranged a meeting to insult each other but he didn't show up

It was a diss appointment

Sweet dreams are made of cheese...

Who am I to diss a brie?

What exactly is dissassociative identity disorder?

I've heard of it but don't know what it means?

The wind whispered insults in my ear today

It was really diss gusting

We were dissecting toads in lab...

When I accidentally dropped mine onto my feet. I tried to hide it, but the instructor saw and made me leave for wearing open toad shoes.

If Hitler was a rapper, he would make the best diss tracks.

He was good at roasting people.

In order to stay healthy during this pandemic, I've been dancing in public while insulting people.

I practice social diss dancing.

Diss joke, In order to stay healthy during this pandemic, I've been dancing in public while insulting people.

I had to do a dissection today.

It was heartbreaking.

Leaving my kids a diss track as their inheritance

Call that an ill will

Im currently doing my dissertation on the safety of a new handheld device for the world health organisation

New phone WHO diss

I dissected an iris today...

It was an eye opening experience.

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I do not have dissociative personality disorder

I don't.

I'm taking the Manic Street Preachers around rural England.

If they tolerate Diss, then the Chilterns will be next.

I like to dissapoint.

Screw you point!! You are so dull you are pointless!!

What do you call it when you're scheduled for a rap battle, but your opponent just isn't as good as you hoped for?

A diss appointment.

Since Eminem's diss is out, now MGK stands for

Man Got Killed

Diss joke, Since Eminem's diss is out, now MGK stands for

Can you name all the dissimilarities between men and women?

I can't either, but I'm sure there's a vas deferens.

Really dissappointed with cell reception these days.

I mean, we're gonna be here for a while. We could at least try to get along.

I once dissappointed everyone at a funeral

by getting out of the coffin ,7 days after my death.

Whenever people diss me i don't care

Because jokes are like big dicks

I know how to take them

Telephone rap battle

Two rappers were exchanging insults over the phone when one got upset and the line went dead.

Diss connected.

Why did the Navy captain have a hard time keeping up his insults of the island people?

He had a wrecked isle diss function.

Why did the kid in the wheelchair win the rap battle?

Because of his mad DISS abilities!!

I found out my cousin is a magician!

He told me while we were on vacation at Venice beach. I was skeptical at first so asked him to show me a trick. Right as I asked, he stubbed his toe on a wooden plank and started cursing at the ground! I was amazed! I'd never seen somebody diss a pier.

I was dissapointed at how high the bar was...

but I got over it.

You may think dissension is a bad thing...

But I disagree.

Diss joke, You may think dissension is a bad thing...

What does dissolving a body in a tub full of acid sound like?


My marriage is falling apart and my wife is unhappy because I keep making fun of alligators

So my doctor prescribed my some pills and diagnosed me with "A reptile diss function."

I'm so good at making fun of people…

They say I have a diss ability.

what did the sad apple do when it became a rapper?

Diss pear

Don't be dissuaded by North Korea's new street

Before you know it they'll open a new freeway!

What do you call a cow who gets sent a diss track?

Roast beef.

What did the judge do to the lawyer who insulted him?

He got him diss barred.

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