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Little Jonny was sitting on a park bench enjoying a cigarette.

A woman stopped, excuse me young man, but I'll have you know that those can take years off of your life.

No disrespect ma'am, but I'll have you know that my grandfather lived to the ripe old age of 104.

Did he smoke also?

No, he minded his own f\*\*king business.

An old one: A rabbi and a priest go golfing, but the rabbi keeps missing his shots.

Whenever this happens, he angrily exclaims, Goddammit, I missed! At each hole, the rabbi swears, and at each hole, the priest shakes his head. Finally, on the final hole, the exasperated priest declares, Rabbi, if you continue with this disrespect for the Lord's name, so help me, may He strike you down right here on the green. The rabbi swings, misses, and swears. Suddenly, a lightning bolt descends and incinerates the priest. A heavenly voice then cries out, Goddammit, I missed!

By disrespecting Steve Irwin, PETA has done something many have failed to do

Unite us all as a species

Disrespect joke, By disrespecting Steve Irwin, PETA has done something many have failed to do

Why shouldn't you disrespect Nicki Minaj?

She'll make another song about it. Nobody wants that.

Where do dead James Bond actors go when they die?

00Heaven (no disrespect meant, just remembered it now)

My last internship interview

Interviewer: I hope you have manners. We sacked the last guy for disrespect. He compared me to a bird

Me: Wow, I can never do that ma

Interviewer: Good. So you're here for the mentorship program?

Me: Yes ma, take me under your wing

Interviewer: Get out of my office

Fergie sang that anthem so bad

Kaepernick stood up and told her not to disrespect the anthem like that

Disrespect joke, Fergie sang that anthem so bad

"You want to know the most disrespected man in the world?"

"Jesus Christ Dave I'm trying to concentrate!"

"You know it."


If you use the term "respectively" respectfully or you use the term "respectively" disrespectfully, I have a lot of respect for you and I disrespect you, respectively.

I heard a joke so good that I didn't even laugh at it

Sorry, but didn't want to disrespect it.

My wife and I disagree on spanking our son but I just did it anyway.

That will teach him to disrespect the gift I got him for his 30th birthday.

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My kid lost his first tooth today.

Hopefully he learned not to disrespect me.

I hired someone to relentlessly disrespect and make fun of me, but I was let down.

It was a diss-appointment.

What do you call 2 Muslim people fighting?

Halal beef....hahaha

***just a joke, no disrespect :)

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