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Top 10 Funniest Dispenser Jokes and Puns

The bar down the street has a cologne dispenser in the men's room.

But it has a sign on it that says, 'Out of Odor.'

You'd have to be so dumb to buy an electronic salt dispenser.

You're literally asking for a salt and battery in your own home.

J-Lo's new nickname

Jennifer Lopez is called J-Lo. She dropped the last 3 letters of her last name. She got rid of them. Dispensed with them.

Doesn't that make her a pez dispenser?

At the men's bathroom of the local college...

... above the toilet paper dispenser was a piece of graffiti:

"Liberal Arts Degrees. Take One."

I can't believe it.

Yesterday i saw some kids that were no older than 12 years, standing by a cigarette dispenser. As I was watching them, one boy looked to me and decided to talk to me:,,Hey mister! Would you be so kind and buy some cigarettes for us?". I was astonished. I couldn't believe what i just heard. When did kids become so damm polite?

There's a rumor going around at work that we're getting a new beverage dispenser.

Management hasn't confirmed yet, so it could just be water cooler gossip.

Did you hear that Jennifer Lopez started a campaign against dispenser candy?

It's called J Lo for No Pez.

7 Eleven apparently had to remove paper towels from the bathroom because people were flushing them.

Apparently they were having problems with it clogging the chili dispenser.

What do you call a baby that is fed breast milk?

A mustard dispenser.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Linus Torvalds walk into a restroom in 2005...

When Bill Gates finishes doing his business, he goes to the sink, washes his hands, pulls 20 paper towels from the dispenser, and dries his hands completely as Steve Jobs walks up.

Bill says "at Microsoft, we like to be thorough."

Steve Jobs washes his hands even cleaner than Bill, then takes only one paper towel, using every last little bit of it, and still managing to dry his hands completely.

Steve says "at Apple, we like to be thorough AND efficient."

Just then, Linus Torvalds walks up to the sink and pulls out a laptop.

Bill and Steve give Linus a confused look. "what are you doing?" they ask.

Linus says "I'm reading the man page for the sink."

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