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Top 10 Funniest Disney Princess Jokes and Puns

Whos the funniest disney princess?


*sits there laughing to self* lonely..

Heard a rumor that Iron Man is going to be the newest Disney Princess...

...they're always on the lookout for a strong Fe male character.

Who's Bill Cosby's favourite Disney princess?

Sleeping Beauty

What's the name of the Disney princess that got burned?


I heard Disney is making a princess that's more pc to viewers.

She's said to resemble Rapunzel. Except instead of letting down her hair, she lets down everyone in her life.

Which Disney Princess is always on dating apps?


My daughter wanted a Disney Princess birthday party…

…so I made all her friends come over and clean my house.

Why didn't the Disney Princess go to the doctor when she got sick?

Because the cold never bothered her anyway.

A Disney princess was arrested by mistake

They thought it was someone Elsa.

My daughter wanted to have a Disney princess tea party.

I couldn't find the tea or the dresses, so I settled for Taco Belle.

I had an orgy with the Disney princesses

and one of them gave me crabs

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What do you call a Mexican Disney Princess?

A Taco Belle.

Which Disney princess has the most jokes


Do you wanna know my favorite Disney princess?

Homer Simpson. Why not? Now that Disney owns everything.

Disney princesses usually have a good reputation.

But Sleeping Beauty is mistaken as a bad influence because she is always under a rest

Are you a Disney princess? Cuz your Cinder-hella-fine.

Which Disney Princess Has The Best Sense Of Humor?


Why Disney hates 2016...

A Prince, a princess, and a fairy died.

Why didn't anyone get upset about the Jewish star on the Disney movie Frozen?

Because any Jewish princess knows being cold isn't anti-semitic. Its status!

Yo' mama is so stupid... (OC)

She thinks Salmonella is a Disney fish princess.

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