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  1. What's the difference between michael jackson and Disney Movies ? Disney Movies still touch kids
  2. What do Disney movies and coathangers have in common? They can both bring out the child from within.
  3. My favorite Disney movie is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I love a hero with a twisted back story.
  4. My girlfriend told me to stop watching Disney movies and be a man. Does anyone know how to be swift as the coursing river?
  5. Rick Astley will give you any of his Disney movies except this one. He's never going to give you Up.
  6. Disney has announced that all future Marvel movies will have an all male cast. They are doing their part to combat the heroine epidemic.
  7. I heard Rick Astley will give you any movie from his Disney collection Except Up. He's Never Gonna Give You Up.
  8. This just popped in my head... What's a mexican's favorite Disney movie?
    Mow lawn.
  9. Disney really gets the Star Wars fanbase... After 3 movies, our expectations are now Solo...
  10. They told me I couldn't bring my favourite Disney movie to class yesterday But I showed them Up.

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  1. What's Bill Cosby's favourite Disney movie? Sleeping Beauty
  2. Which disney movie does gordon ramsay hate the most? Frozen.
  3. We just finished watching the new Disney movie, Incandescent. It was a light comedy.
  4. What is the dairy farmer's favorite Disney movie? Moo-ana
  5. What do you call a disney movie about antique cooking wares pewter pan
  6. Rick Astley can give you every single one of his Disney movies, except one Up.
  7. How to make a Disney Movie 1. Take something that doesn't talk
    2. Make it talk
  8. I used to be a heroine addict ...but then I stopped watching Disney movies
  9. A priest took a group of kids to a new Disney movie "Aladdin Me"
  10. What is Gordan Ramsay's favorite Disney movie? IT'S FROZEENNNN!!!!
  11. What's Walt Disney's favorite Disney movie? Frozen
  12. What is Vin Diesel's favorite Disney movie? Beauty and the Fast and the Furious
  13. Which Disney movie best describes Firefox Quantum? Frozen.
  14. They're FINALLY making a Disney movie starring aromatic herbs It's about thyme
  15. What is the worst Disney movie ?

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What do you call a Disney Movie about a gangster cow?

Homie on the Range. (Home on the Range)

What's a neckbeard's favorite Disney movie?


Rick gave me all the Disney movies.

but he is never gonna give me *Up*

Rick Astley will give you all of his Disney movies.

But he is never gonna give you Up

Why didn't anyone get upset about the Jewish star on the Disney movie Frozen?

Because any Jewish princess knows being cold isn't anti-semitic. Its status!

Just seen a Disney trailer.

I've just seen a Disney trailer
It said, "A new movie from the people that brought you Up."
Flipping Heck! I never knew Mum and Dad made films.

Disney's latest movie features a giant bird crashing into a city

It's a big budgie block buster.

Rick Astley told me that you could borrow any of his Disney movies, except Up

He's never gonna give you Up...

I heard Disney is making a movie about a 3D video game character that jumps from game to game beating others in tennis.

They call him Racquet Wralph

I rate the new disney movie "Coco" a 8,7/10 because it coveres my favorite subject

Dead Mexicans.

Why does the Joker like watching Disney movies?

Some people just want to watch the girls yearn.


It was by far the worst Disney movie I've ever had s**... with

Netflix and Disney should just join forces to create the most controversial movie ever: a young girl becomes infatuated with makeup and skimpy outfits, but first she must save China from the threat of the Uighur.

Call it *Mulan Rouge*

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