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Whats Bill Cosby's favorite Disney character?

Sleeping beauty

Which Disney character won the Nobel prize?


Heard a rumor that Iron Man is going to be the newest Disney Princess...

...they're always on the lookout for a strong Fe male character.

What happens once a year and only at a graveyard?

Mother's Day for Disney characters.

What do you call it when you kill Disney characters?

A Mickey Mousacre

What's a Fortnite player's favorite Disney character?


What do you call a Disney character who just wants to take over the world?

Hegemony Cricket.

Water is clear. Why is Snow White?

Because Disney didn't cast black characters

What do you call a male Disney character at a formal event?

A lad in a suit.

I heard Disney is making a movie about a 3D video game character that jumps from game to game beating others in tennis.

They call him Racquet Wralph

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Goofy is the only Disney character who has had sex and has a child....

I bet it was doggy style.

Why are Disney cartoon characters so hard to catch red-handed after a crime?

They never take off their gloves.

Who is the Disney character that never skipped leg day?


How many disney characters does it take to change a lightbuld?

One. But it will take an entire song.

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