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Mr. Toad was window shopping...

...when he saw a tiny porcelain snowman figurine that he just *had* to have. He enters the store to inquire about the price and learns that it costs much more than he can afford. Undaunted, he sets off to meet with lending officer at the bank, Mr. Paddywaque.

"No job, a dismal credit rating, a wife and 38 tadpoles to support?", says Paddywaque. "I don't think I can approve this application, Mr. Toad."

"*PLEASE*, I implore you, I MUST have this snowman! Surely, there's something you can do!", said Mr. Toad.

Paddywaque gives in to his client's pleading and agrees to show the application to his manager, Mr. ....uumm.....Jones.

Jones, terribly busy at the moment and not wanting to be bothered, takes a quick glance over his glasses at the application and says...

"It's a knick knack Paddywaque, give the frog a loan!"

I took pi to Idaho, Kansas and Utah ....

My math teacher always told me to take it to three dismal places

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