Disk Jokes

What are some Disk jokes?

Hey girl, are you a computer?

Because you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.

impress your children by showing them a floppy disk and telling them it's a 3D model of a save icon.

I showed my 12 year old son an old floppy disk..

He said "Wow.. Cool! You 3D printed the save icon!"

How many flat earthers does it take to screw in a light bulb

Trick question it's a light disk

I had a girlfriend and her favorite Pixar movie was "Up".

This was 2010 and she had it on blue ray, and we would watch it at least once a week at her apartment. But after like the 40th time, I confronted her and said I was tired of watching. The argument got heated; it didn't help that we were drunk. Suddenly, she pushed me and I fell on something. I turned and saw the disk broken; she cried hysterically.
At this moment, I knew, we broke Up...

What is the volume of a disk with radius z and height a?

Pi * z * z * a

Brilliant idea for a start-up

Imma build a new operating system which, when the disk gets full, randomly deletes half your files.

Gonna call it thanOS.

My dying laptop's last wishes

(Coughing) Marvin im dying and before I die (cough intensifies)
I want you to promise me something...you'll take my hard disk and put it in your next computer
I want my memory to live on

What happens when you turn on a computer?

You turn it's floppy disk into a hard disk

Why was the old computer sad?

Because it had a floppy disk

Which hard drive is always the happiest?

Disk C:

Sexist UFO

A strange disk appeared in the sky. It would hover over groups of women and whistle. Whenever a man would approach it would fly away and hover over another group of women and whistle. The headline in a feminist paper read: Object Defying Women.

If horse jockeys have to be tiny

just imagine how small disk jockeys have to be.

I'll see myself out.

What's the tastiest part of a floppy disk?

The cookie!

[probably made before] What do you call s panasexual guy named nick who is at a disk company?

Pan nick at the disc co.

Yo momma's so dense she has an accretion disk

I'm so sorry...

Technically speaking, my sex drive is

a hard disk.

Why was the floppy disk self-conscious?

Because it was FAT.

To the individual who stole my MS Office install disk: I will find you and destroy you.

You have my Word.

Computer nerd dirty talk

I'm going to stick my D: disk into your V: drive.

Why was the man uncomfortable using his computer?

Because it was disk inserting.

What did the computer tech say to the pretty girl?

You turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.

Say what you want about the Modern Flat Earth Society...

But they have members all around the disk.

Geek humor: Thanks for the upgrade...

You turned my floppy disk into a solid state.

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