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Yo momma's so dense she has an accretion disk

I'm so sorry...

Why was the old computer sad?

Because it had a floppy disk

impress your children by showing them a floppy disk and telling them it's a 3D model of a save icon.

Disk joke, impress your children by showing them a floppy disk and telling them it's a 3D model of a save icon.

What happens when you turn on a computer?

You turn it's floppy disk into a hard disk

Geek humor: Thanks for the upgrade...

You turned my floppy disk into a solid state.

I showed my 12 year old son an old floppy disk..

He said "Wow.. Cool! You 3D printed the save icon!"

Sexist UFO

A strange disk appeared in the sky. It would hover over groups of women and whistle. Whenever a man would approach it would fly away and hover over another group of women and whistle. The headline in a feminist paper read: Object Defying Women.

Disk joke, Sexist UFO

What's the tastiest part of a floppy disk?

The cookie!

Computer nerd dirty talk

I'm going to stick my D: disk into your V: drive.

Why was the floppy disk self-conscious?

Because it was FAT.

What is the volume of a disk with radius z and height a?

Pi * z * z * a

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If horse jockeys have to be tiny

just imagine how small disk jockeys have to be.

I'll see myself out.

Say what you want about the Modern Flat Earth Society...

But they have members all around the disk.

Hey girl, are you a computer?

Because you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.

[probably made before] What do you call s panasexual guy named nick who is at a disk company?

Pan nick at the disc co.

Round Earthers don't realize they agree with us.

The Earth is round. It's a round disk.

Disk joke, Round Earthers don't realize they agree with us.

To the individual who stole my MS Office install disk: I will find you and destroy you.

You have my Word.

How many flat earthers does it take to screw in a light bulb

Trick question it's a light disk

What did the computer tech say to the pretty girl?

You turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.

Why was the man uncomfortable using his computer?

Because it was disk inserting.

They where throwing a plastic disk back and forth. I was trying to remember what it was called, then it hit me!

Technically speaking, my sex drive is

a hard disk.

I had a girlfriend and her favorite Pixar movie was "Up".

This was 2010 and she had it on blue ray, and we would watch it at least once a week at her apartment. But after like the 40th time, I confronted her and said I was tired of watching. The argument got heated; it didn't help that we were drunk. Suddenly, she pushed me and I fell on something. I turned and saw the disk broken; she cried hysterically.
At this moment, I knew, we broke Up...

My dying laptop's last wishes

(Coughing) Marvin im dying and before I die (cough intensifies)
I want you to promise me'll take my hard disk and put it in your next computer
I want my memory to live on

What do you call someone who is a fascist over disk space?

Adolph Bitler

I managed to engrave a song into a vinyl disk in under 2 minutes!

I think that's a new record

What did the floppy disk say to the other floppy disk?

Wanna go out for a byte?

Which hard drive is always the happiest?

Disk C:

Brilliant idea for a start-up

Imma build a new operating system which, when the disk gets full, randomly deletes half your files.

Gonna call it thanOS.

You should never roll a pair of CD's down a hill and see which one reaches the bottom first.

It would be a disk race.

Floppy disk is like Jesus

They died to become the image of saving

Dear Flat Earthers

What's on the other side of the disk?

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