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Trump lysol joke

President Trump is completely right about coronavirus treatment.

If you eat chloroquine phosphate, drink a pint of Chlorox, shoot-up rubbing alcohol, shove a flashlight up your ass, and crash on a tanning bed, you will never get Covid-19

Trump disinfectant joke

Cillit Bang to launch a new Donald Trump version of their product.

Bleach of the priest joke

A clergyman in the USA is believed to be the first man to die as a result of following President Trump’s ill advised comments about injecting disinfectant.

His wife has been arrested and charged with causing a bleach of the priest, and domestos abuse!

Inject some Cillit Bang and a hour on a sun-bed and boom the virus is gone

Two swigs of Cillit Bang and I’ve completely forgotten I had a cough and who my parents are.

Trump bleech joke

Cillit Bang have a new advert. It's so much better than Dettol and Domestos.

OK, before the press conference starts

Get onto your broker and go big on Domestos, Cillit Bang, Lysol and Toilet Duck.

We need to conduct a properly controlled trial

In which one group is injected with Dettol and another is injected with Cillit Bang and lysol.

Spraying Cillit Bang directly into the lungs is fatal

In the short term. But there's been no research whatsoever into the long term effects.

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