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What do you call it when a Necromancer has issues raising the dead?

Resurrectile Disfunction!

Why did North Korea's missile fail?

It had projectile disfunction.

What do you call it when a chameleon can't change colors?

reptile disfunction

Did you hear about the old chameleon who can't change color anymore?

He has reptile disfunction

My friend told me he was making good progress with his erectile disfunction

I told him, "Keep it up"

You hear about the guy who was accused of jerking off with hand soap for his erectile disfunction?

Well, he finally came clean.

Did you hear about the iguana that couldn't mate in captivity?

He had a reptile disfunction.

Disfunction joke, Did you hear about the iguana that couldn't mate in captivity?

We were talking about cast iron pans and my brain sprang into disfunction

I like my women like my cast iron cookware.

Black, thick and covered in oil.

Why can't the snake have sex?

He has reptile disfunction.

Why was the zombie embarrassed in bed?

He had resurrectile disfunction

Did you hear about the dinosaur who couldn't please his wife?

He suffered from a reptile disfunction.

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What does a chameleon that can't change color suffer from?

Reptile disfunction

Why does Curt Connors have marital problems?

Because of his reptile disfunction

What do you call a gamer with erectile disfunction?

A Try-Hard

What do you call it when a group of turtles just won't get along?

Reptile disfunction.

With how old the United States' politicians are these days...

... it makes sense that we as a country are suffering from electile disfunction.
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Disfunction joke, With how old the United States' politicians are these days...

What do you call it when an iguana gets too old and can't stand up on its own any more?

A reptile disfunction.

The disc drive on my DVD player is busted. I guess you could say it has...

Ejectile disfunction.

I hosted an erectile disfunction dinner....

I hosted an erectile disfunction dinner but it was a flop. Nobody came.

Did you hear about the new winter resort that caters exclusively to men with erectile disfunction?

It's called Lake Flaccid.

What do you call a musician with erectile disfunction?


I worry a lot, but do you know what never keeps me up at night?

My erectile disfunction.

what do men with erectile disfunction and nintendo cartridges have in common?

It works if you blow it before you put it in.

I knew ED stood for Erectile Disfunction.

Just realized it also means Executive Disorder. Pretty much the same thing.

My wife and I were supposed to have a conversation about my erectile disfunction.

It never came up.

Erectile Disfunction Club losing members

Even thought it is not hard to get in the club, the club size has been decreasing steadily over the years.

Disfunction joke, Erectile Disfunction Club losing members

How does a man with an erectile disfunction play soccer?

He flops.

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