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I like my women like I like my coffee.

I have a deep respect for coffee and would never discriminate against coffee based on its gender.

I discriminate against people who lose digits on their feet to frostbite.

I guess you could say I am lactose intolerant.

What is it called when you discriminate against Asians?


What do secret societies discriminate against?


I don't discriminate based skin colour, I do it based on clothes...

In fact you could call me a fashist

I do not discriminate between white-collar and blue-collar workers

Because I am collar-blind.

Join the flat earth society! We don't discriminate, because...

We have members all around the globe.

Yes. Flat earth is truly a global movement with a great sphere of influence.

Discriminate joke, Join the flat earth society! We don't discriminate, because...

Why couldnt the guy hold a conversation with the female transgender marine biologist?

They didn't agree on a lot of things, but a big part of it was he didn't speak whale.

Note: In my defense I don't discriminate except by how I know a person. I have friends on all sides of the NFL hype, sexual rights hype, and abortion debate. But this joke gets laughs among them all.

Tall guys of the world, unite! There are people who seek to discriminate against us!

Surely, you have noticed it by now. All over the Internet people are screaming about oppression and then saying, "#notallmen."

I never discriminate but there is one race I can't stand...

The marathon. It's WAY too long a race!

There's two types of people I hate:

Those who discriminate based on nationality, and belgians.

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what do you call a term used to discriminate against music notes?

a racial slur

A man walks into a restaurant

A man walks into a restaurant and calls over the waiter and asks him "Do you serve pigs?"

The waiter - "We don't discriminate between our customers."

It's really unfair

We shouldn't discriminate against fats for being trans.

Women should accept everyone no matter weight or height

Like escorts they don't discriminate

Lions don't discriminate.

Pride unprejudiced.

Discriminate joke, Lions don't discriminate.

I don't discriminate against women..

because that's wrong, and only women are wrong.

A black man, a Jew and a Hispanic man walk into a lab...

...and do science, because science doesn't discriminate.

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