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A woman had three daughters getting married the same day. Naturally she was worried about their sex life. It was agreed that they would send a discrete message.

Two weeks after the triple wedding the first message arrives. An ad for Maxwell House with the slogan "Good till the last drop." She's happy for her girl.

A month passes and a second message arrives with a Marlboro ad. "Marlboro: Extra long, extra strong." She's a little embarrassed, but happy.

Three months pass. She's really worried about her youngest when finally a message arrives. It's addressed in shaky handwriting and contains an ad for British Airways. "London to Paris: Seven days a week, three times a day, both ways."

She fainted.

Two random variables were talking in a bar

They thought they were being discrete but I heard them continuously.

Why don't female mathematicians use tampons?

They are weary of anything that advertises discrete AND continuous protection.

What number is the oddest prime number?


Source: My discrete professor

I silently mocked one of the Greek islands today

I was discrete.

Our discrete mathematics professor told us that addition is the same as subtraction

There is no difference.

Discrete Joke

My buddy and I were playing DD. I told him to roll a *_d_`20`* He pulls out a die with 895014631192902121 sides, so I call him deranged.

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