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Top 10 Funniest Discreet Jokes and Puns

Jesus returned to earth...

And stayed anonymous for a while, but eventually a priest discovered who he was. He was discreet, but insisted that he take a solid gold cross. Before he took it, he prayed to his father and said,

"Father, should I accept this gift?"

God replies, "The solid gold cross?"


"What would you do with a solid gold cross? You could hardly carry a wooden one!"

What do you call it when a statistician secretly gives out clothes?

Discreet uniform distribution

Trying to Have a Baby

Saying that "We are trying to have a baby" is the only discreet way I can tell my mother-in-law that I had sex with her daughter 4 times last week.

Your fly is open!

An army secretary was trying to be discreet with her boss when she saw his fly was open so she said excuse me sir but your Barack's door is open. He replied oh it is? Well do you see a soldier standing at attention? She responded No sir. I see a disable veteran sitting on two duffle bags.

I discreetly called the Chinese restaurant.

I ordered some Lowkey Mein

I like buying my condoms like a ninja losing his virginity.

Fast and discreet.

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