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In all my years working at the Land Rover factory...

I made several discoveries

They should make birth control for men

Because it makes more sense to fire blanks than shoot at a bulletproof vest.

Recent discoveries will make this joke obsolete, thought I'd give it one more run.

What do field anthropologists and jokes subredditors have in common?

They dig around all day looking for some rare *humerus* discoveries only to find they've already been catalogued via Google search.

In light of recent discoveries, I made a joke

A conspiracy theorist died and went to heaven. At the pearly gates, St. Peter told the conspiracy theorist You may ask me one question, and I will reply honestly.

The conspiracy theorist thought for some time and asked Did Hitler escape death in WWII and move to Argentina, where he still resides today?

St. Peter replied no, he committed suicide in Berlin as the Soviet Red Army advanced into the city.

The conspiracy theorist thought to himself wow, this goes even deeper than I thought!

Geologists make ground breaking discoveries everyday.

Get it? Haha

The investigation of Ceres was pretty dull and uneventful in general.

Except for the discoveries in 2015, those were the two lone bright spots.

One thing that archaeological discoveries have taught us...

Ancient people loved drinking from broken cups..

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