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Top 10 of the Funniest Discord Jokes and Puns

How many Discord users does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. They prefer dark mode.

So I was on discord and this guy tells me

I have an 11 kill streak.

So I asked on which game

He said, no I don't play games, I'm a police officer.

My friend was testing his mic for Discord, I told him to get a Scope

So he wont have Troubleshooting

Discord joke, My friend was testing his mic for Discord, I told him to get a Scope

Whats the best flashlight ?

Discord light mode

What do you do when a scientist is sick?

If you can't helium, you might as well barium!

I stole this from some dude on the discord, her username is Amalgamate_UnderplayChara. (On discord)

I realized I am old.... I don't know what Discord is...

So I altavista'd it and apparently it's like ICQ..

A woman on Discord found herself unable to speak, except for when she went into labor

Turns out her settings were on 'push to talk'

Discord joke, A woman on Discord found herself unable to speak, except for when she went into labor

I asked my friend what type of internet he had in a Discord chat,

He said, "Com..." I asked, "What did you say?" It turns out his internet went out while he was answering my question.

Why wasn't TK-421 at his post?

He was checking Discord.

How do you expand recycling to other places?

Create a discord server.

What is the Ideal Social Media for Friends who Disagree on Everything ?


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Why didn't the band director ever criticize the percussion section?

He didn't want to drum up discord.

By popular demand, we now have a discord server. Join this

I know, I'm not very original. This is a re-post. But it's apparently a good one since it's always at the top of the list.

No Nut November joke..

No Nut November? More like Non stop nut november. I know thats a short one, but people on discord found it funny.

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