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Top 10 Funniest Disciple Jokes and Puns

Guru asks disciple - If there were two bags in front of you and I tell you one has money and the other has wisdom, which would you take?

Disciple: I would take the bag with the money.

Guru: (Sarcastic Laugh) I would take the bag with the wisdom.

Disciple: Each one takes what he doesn't have.

A disciple asked, Master, is it okay for a monk to use emails?

Yes, son, the guru quipped, as long as there are no attachments.

Jesus is on the cross..

..fading fast he yells to his disciple Paul.

"Paul come to me my child. Come to me!"

Paul musters all his strength to break through the crowd.

"Yes my lord, I am coming to you"

Jesus continues to yell for Paul. Paul now crying falls at Jesus feet....

"Yes my lord!!!?"

"Paul, I can see your house from here".

The ninja master asked a student if they thought they could handle the next challenge.

The disciple answered, shuriken!

[OC] Why did only one of Jesus's disciples betray him?

There wasn't enough wood for a double cross.
*badum tsssss*

The disciples are saving Jesus, taking him off the cross...

Rowing with his arms, Jesus screams: First the feet, first the feet!

What did Jesus' disciples say when he caught all those fishes?


What did the disciples do while waiting for Jesus to die?

They played crosswords.

Which of the disciples were well-endowed?

Judas - He was hung.

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