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The US is having so many disasters and tragedies

Youd almost think it was built on top of thousands of ancient indian burial grounds.

Why are women and children evacuated first in disasters?

So we can rest in peace.

Animals can sense disasters before they happen.

That's why the neighbors dog barks whenever I make a move on a girl.

Disasters joke, Animals can sense disasters before they happen.

With all these natural disasters happening,

Its almost as if the USA was built over thousands of ancient Indian burial grounds.

The Worst Natural Disaster

So, all the natural disasters took a vote to see which one was the worst.

* Hurricane blew the others away.
* Earthquake shook things up pretty badly.
* Flooding was a bit of a wash.
* Blizzard almost buried the rest.
* Sinkhole's campaign totally collapsed.
* Meteor made a deep impact.

But in the end, Avalanche won by a landslide.

2020 is like when you where playing SIM CITY 2000

You got bored and started clicking on all the disasters menu options at the same time

Thank you for calling the 2020AD customer support line

All of our natural disasters, plagues, and political upheavals are currently busy. If you are not experiencing a natural disaster, plague, or political upheaval, one will be assigned to you shortly. Please stay on the line, and thank you for choosing 2020.

Disasters joke, Thank you for calling the 2020AD customer support line

Why are women and children evacuated first during disasters?

So the men can have some quiet to think of a solution.

What does CNN call back-to-back aviation disasters?

Christmas in July

Which global disasters happen when you drop a roast turkey?

The downfall of Turkey, the break-up of China, and the overthrow of Greece.

There hasn't really been any natural disasters lately

Even the mudslides have gone downhill.

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National disasters really turn my wife on

Everytime I come home from disaster relief efforts she is pregnant

Pearl Harbour 9/11'd Josh Hartnett's career.

Three disasters in seven words that make a fully coherent sentence. Can anyone do better?

Why are earthquakes the politest of the natural disasters?

Because they shake everyone's hands when they arrive and again before they leave.

Why have we been having so many natural disasters lately?

I think the world is trying to prepare us for what nuclear war feels like.

Terrain Disasters

What do you call white people rolling down a hill? --Avalanche

What do you call Hispanic people rolling down a hill? --Landslide

What do you call black people rolling down a hill? --Jailbreak

Disasters joke, Terrain Disasters

What did the hurricane say to Hillary?

I didn't know disasters can run for office

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