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A Vietnamese farmer was working in the rice paddy field when he sees his son running to him

'Father, father look' , the kid points to a newspaper and says excitedly ' The Americans have gone to the moon '.

The farmer drops his plough and asks excitedly ;

'All of them'

'No just 3', replies the kid

'Damn it'

The father shakes his head in disappointment and goes back to the field.

I wish the name of a business would describe what it sells...

Curry's doesn't sell curries, dominos doesn't sell dominoes, and the virgin megastore, what a disappointment.

I was told to bring a box of tissues with me when my friends and I watched Bambi.

You can imagine my disappointment.

Disappointment joke, I was told to bring a box of tissues with me when my friends and I watched Bambi.

[NSFW] As I was about to drop my pants, she whispered in my ear "I can handle anything you can give me"...

Apparently she can't handle disappointment.

When I was a kid my mom told me I could become whatever I wanted

So I became a disappointment

Two deer are leaving a gay bar...

and one say to the other in disappointment "man, I can't believe I blew 20 bucks in there"

I bought a DVD on dealing with disappointment.

When I opened it, the box was empty.

Disappointment joke, I bought a DVD on dealing with disappointment.

I'm a proud father since 10 minutes

My son is already 20 years old but he has been a disappointment till now

He worked for years to invent an engine that ran on ambient disappointment.

But at the unveiling, it wouldn't work.

Then it did.


They say you are what you eat

I don't remember eating a big disappointment

I called my son a bloody disappointment and my girlfriend burst out into tears

Appartently, she's sensitive about her miscarriage

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My kids and this punchline have a lot in common.

They're both a disappointment.

It's a great time to date a Rams fan..

They are used to disappointment and aren't expecting a ring.

I bought a CD of ice cream van music.

Now I drive with the stereo on full blast, watching the disappointment on all the little kids faces..

Breathing heavily, she asked me what I can give her.

Me: "I'll give you a hint, it starts with a D"
Her: "Oh yess, I can't wait!"
Me: "That's right, get ready for some disappointment!"

As the teacher marked my quiz answers, she suddenly stopped, looked up at me and shook her head in utter disappointment. With cold, dead eyes, she muttered, "This is wrong." Mouth dry, I whispered, "Question 2?"

She snarled, "No, the way your hand is resting between my thighs."

Disappointment joke, As the teacher marked my quiz answers, she suddenly stopped, looked up at me and shook her head in u

Tried to cash in on this kid joke thing. My daughter is a disappointment.

Why did the skeleton cross the road? He didn't because he doesn't have skin and he just fell apart.

I always insist on banging my girlfriend from behind.

That way I don't have to see the look of disappointment on her face.

NSFW Disappointment

When you run at a wall with an erection and break your nose...

Local Police Announcement "Serial killer wanted!"

I called immediately, but to my disappointment, it wasn't a job offering.

Two things I learned from online dating

geography and disappointment

Sorry everyone,

Today's session on dealing with disappointment has been cancelled.

My Ex-wife Wanted a b00b Job.

In an effort to save money, I told her that taking a few sheets of toilet tissue and rubbing it between her boobs twice a day would make her boobs grow. So my ex did this diligently for 3 months. Finally, after seeing no improvement, she came to me with a look of disappointment on her face. She asked "Are you sure rubbing toilet paper between my breast will make them grow?"

I replied, "Yeah; look how big it made your ass."

What's the best part about sleeping with a Cubs fan?

They're used to disappointment.

I wanted to improve my physical affection skills, so I went down to the library and took out a book called How to Hug ...

...You can imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be volume six of the Oxford English Dictionary

A corn walks into a bar...

And it says to the bartender:

"Hey, wanna hear a joke?"

The bartender agrees. The corn then asks:

"What did the traffic light say to the car?"

The bartender then says: "What?"

The corn says: "DON'T LOOK! I'M CHANGING!"

The bartender shakes his head in disappointment and says:

"Didn't know what I was expecting."


a woman, after a long search on the internet, found out that "PHILLIPS 14 INCH" was actually a T.V

I had a dream that I was sleeping.

You can imagine my disappointment when I woke up to find it wasn't real.

I should've realized sooner my trip to China would be a huge disappointment.

Red flags were everywhere.

What kind of appointment lowers your self- esteem?


What do you call a cow that can't produce milk?

Udder disappointment.

What has 4 legs and is full of disappointment?

My parents

I love the smell of brand new cars.

You cant imagine my disappointment when i got my new Tesla. No smell of new leather, only Elon's Musk

Today i asked myself the question:

Do I identify myself as a man or a woman. But then I knew after I spilled my coffee, I am just a disappointment.

Gravity is such a disappointment.

It always lets me down.

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