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[long] A man with one arm wanted to jump off a bridge to end his life...

...when questioned why by pedestrians, he exclaimed "I can't do it anymore, I'm sick of being disadvantaged, I'm always so unhappy!"

A pedestrian pointed out another man further down the bridge, who had no arms, and had drawn a crowd dancing - "look, it can't be that bad. See how happy that guy is - he's even dancing!"

Wondering what the answers to his problems could be, the one-armed man went over and asked the arm-less man "hey buddy, I'm suicidal due to only having the one arm - what's your secret? why are you so happy?"

"Fuck off," the arm-less man replied; "I'm just trying to itch my arse"

I am starting a new psychological assistance program across the country but at the local level....

...it is more direct than most. You register, commit to giving a certain amount to the psychologically disadvantaged in your area, and we give you options of who to give to, you choose how...................................... It is called:

Why are Crips disadvantaged in the school system?

Their B's are C's.

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