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Top 10 Funniest Diplomatic Jokes and Puns

Why dont ambassadors get sick?

Diplomatic immunity

A North Korean go to Poland...

Kim Jong Un goes to Poland for a diplomatic visit but his car break in the Polish countryside.

He meet a farmer that ask him :

"Kim jesteΕ›?" (Who are you?)

And Kim reply :

"No, Kim Jong Un."

I figured out why President Trump thinks he doesn't have to wear a mask to protect himself from viruses.

Somebody told him he had diplomatic immunity.

If all diplomatic issues could be solved with a board game like monopoly, we wouldn't see the current levels violence in the world.

No, they'd be *way* higher.

Why did the ambassador have extra resistance to harmful foreign bacteria?

He had diplomatic immunity.

If a foreign diplomat recovers from COVID-19...

Does he have diplomatic immunity?

Armenia sent a secret message over diplomatic cables to Syria:

"If we attacked Turkey from the rear... you think Greece would help?"

Donald Trump figured out how to get Mexico to pay for the border wall.

He promised monthly diplomatic visits to Mexico by motorcade.

Link is attempting to reach a diplomatic solution with Ganondorf and it isn't going very well

I think he needs to Triforce.

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