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Top 10 Funniest Dingo Jokes and Puns

A teacher asks a student to "name two animals peculiar to Australia"

He responds with "The polar bear and penguin are peculiar to Australia, but the kangaroo and dingo live there."

I told a wild dog to go away...

It dingo anywhere.

What do you call Australian slang?

Dingo Lingo.

Dingo joke, What do you call Australian slang?

Why did the wild Australian dog have no answer when he was asked if the party was good?

Because he dingo.

How many tutors does it take to make a wild dog literate?

It takes two to make a dingo write.

What do you get if you cross a Beatle and an Australian dog?

Dingo Starr!

Why didn't the Australian get smashed at the party ?

Because he din-go

Dingo joke, Why didn't the Australian get smashed at the party ?

What does a Dingo call a pregnant woman?

A Snack Pack......

I'm sorry

What's the difficult part about having a dingo for a pet?

It takes 10 months to give it a good meal

Australian Jokes

What enemies does a test tube baby have?

Answer: a dingo with a straw

I got a really bad costume idea for your dog.

1) Get a baby doll
2) cover it in fake blood
3) Attach it to the dog somehow
4) Say your dog is dressed as a Dingo for halloween.

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What is the greatest threat to a test tube baby?

A dingo with a straw

Australian word of the day: Dingo

Me mate had a barbie last night, but I dingo

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