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What do you call an onion ring shaped like a bell?

An onion ding!

King Kong...

King Kong
Went to
Hong Kong
To lkay
With his
Ding dong

A man visits a prostitute. He presses the door bell...


The prostitute opens the door. She looks at the man. She says:

"What do you want with me? You've got no arms or legs?"

The man replies:

"I managed to reach the door bell, didn't I?"

Ding joke, A man visits a prostitute. He presses the door bell...

Trump Dingell joke

Debbie Dingell had asked Trump for A-plus treatment after her husband's death John Dingell.

Trump: Ok.

Debbie Dingell: Thank you so much. John would be so thrilled. He's looking down.

Trump: That's OK. Don't worry about it. Maybe he's looking up. I don't know.

Would you like to hear a german joke?

Tut mir leid so ein Ding existiert nicht

Edit 1: Grammar

How did Little Debby get pregnant?

She fell into a box of Ding Dongs

What's stupid and makes a ding noise?

A dumbbell

Ding joke, What's stupid and makes a ding noise?

When I look up at the majesty of all them stars it really gets me to thinkin,

when we gonna get that ding dong roof patched up!?

Ah horse apples!

I ate a hermaphrodite lunch today...

I had both a Ding Dong and a Yoohoo.

An immature kid decides to play ding dong ditch

What do you call a chinese Jehovah's witness?

Ding Dong

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I just got a new doorbell that when the button is pressed has a gorilla singing about table tennis.

It's called The King Kong Ping Pong Sing Song Ding Dong

What does a Dingo call a pregnant woman?

A Snack Pack......

I'm sorry

The owner of hostess just brought the playboy mansion

Guess he really liked ho-hos and ding dongs

What do you call Jehova's Witnesses in Chinese

Ding Dong

My little Hamster is such a laugh!!

He just stays in there on that circle thing going round and round and round for ages until ...

*DING* Then I take him out of the Microwave.

Ding joke, My little Hamster is such a laugh!!

Man walks into a store to return a doorbell...

A clerk asks if he needs help and the man tells him "Yes I'm here to return a doorbell, she's broken."

The clerk says "Why did you just call that doorbell 'she'?"

The man says "Because it's a female doorbell."

The clerk asks "How do you figure that?"

The man says "Because it has a ding but no dong."

Just attended my mother in-laws funeral.

Apparently "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead" was not an appropriate song for the occasion.

What's a Mormon's favorite treat?

Ding Dongs

What's a Jahovah's witness' favorite treat?

Ding Dongs

What sound did the Chinese space station make as it broke apart?

Bang Ding Ow


Would you like to take the time to talk about our lord and savior?

Two men walk into a bar...

Ding, Ding... OUCH!

Me friend said you are what you eat.

As they asked I replied: star spangled ding dongs.

What song will be played at Theresa May's funeral?

*Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead*

Which Camelid animal rings the doorbell before bringing the margarine?

Rama Lama Ding Dong.

I met a Chinese-American construction worker the other day.

His name is Bill Ding.

Dad and son had a conversation.

Dad: Son, it's time to talk about the uhh female and male stuff.

Son: I'm sorry what?

Dad: You know.. the ding into hole in one stuff....

Son: I really don't know what you are talking about dad.

Dad: Son, I'm talking about sex.

Son: Oooh the sex stuff, I've already educated myself dad.

Dad: From where???

Son: From your Brazzers premium subscription account on your PC....

What song was performed at Geralt Of Rivia's funeral?

Ding Dong The Witcher's Dead

1: Knock Knock! 2: Who's There?

\[5 seconds of silence\]

2: Oh it's a ding dong ditch(ding dong dash).

I wrote a movie about a male sheep and his son enjoying a Hostess pastry.

I call it

*Ram, a Lamb, a Ding Dong*

What does James Bond's doorbell sounds like?

''Dong, Ding Dong''

A musician walks in to a music store.

"I'm looking for an instrument that goes *ding*." he says.

"*Ding*?" asks the confused shopkeeper.

The musician replies "You'll do fine."

I've invented a biro with a bell attachment.

Patent pen ding.

What does Bond's doorbell sounds like?

Dong. Ding Dong

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