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Top 10 Funniest Dimensional Jokes and Puns

The word "Boobs" is a three dimensional diagram

The "B" shows how they look from above, the "oo" how they look from the front and the "b" how they look from the side.

Why didn't the circle want to become 3 dimensional?


I keep finding 2 dimensional objects all over the house...

I think they're my flat mates.

Why is 2 dimensional soda not popular?

Because it's always flat.

Scientists have opened a dimensional rift in one of New York's most popular tourist spots.

They're now calling it Times Squared.

Last night I met a 5th dimensional hooker...

She blew my mind.

I went to my friend's new flat on the weekend for a party.

He should have gotten something more 3 dimensional.

Dimensional joke, I went to my friend's new flat on the weekend for a party.

Had a fight with a one dimensional entity yesterday...

The outcome was pretty one sided.

Where does a two dimensional man live?

A flat.

What do you call a two dimensional shape that works out way too much?

A Noneckagon

I like my women like I like my Mario games

2 dimensional

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