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Dill with it!

My 11 y/o brother told me this

What is pickle bread before its baked?

Dill dough

What do you get when you cross a pickle with a deer?

A dill doe.

What do you call a pickled deer?

A dill-doe

Have you heard about my pickle?

It's kind of a big dill.

I'm gonna start a company that makes medium sized pickles

Not to brag or anything but it's kind of a big dill.

I think my wife is going to bake me some pickle bread!

She just got home with a big box and said she would surprise me tonight with her new dill dough.

I got a free pickle

It was a helluva dill.

Did you hear about the cucumber who sold his soul to be pickled?

He made a dill with the devil.

Did you hear the popular pickle?

He's kind of a big dill.

A giant pickle walks into a bar..

and everyone in the bar starts wanting to take selfies with him and buy him drinks. Once all the commotion settles, the bartender asks him why everyone was surrounding him to which the pickle replies, "Well, I'm kind of a big dill"

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What happens when life gives you pickles instead of lemons?

You dill with it.

Why isn't pickle-flavored bread a thing?

Because no one wants to eat a dill dough.

Why did the pickle have an attitude?

He thought he was a big dill

What did the tomato say to the sad pickle?

"What's the big dill?"

I won a contest at the state fair for growing the biggest pickle.

It was kind of a big dill.

how do you make pickle bread?

with dill dough

What is a pickle's favorite game show?

Dill or No Dill

What do you call pickled bread?


The server at the sandwich shop said that every sandwich comes with a free pickle.

I said, That's a really good dill.

What do you get when you combine a pickle and a deer ?

A dill doe

What do you get when you cross King Kong and a pickle?

Ron Burgundy.

Perhaps you've heard of him, he's kind of a big dill.

I was driving down the interstate when I came across a sign for the world's largest pickle...

I turned at the next exit and found that there was a whole town around it. Shops, restaurants, even churches devoted to this pickle. When I finally found the museum holding this legendary pickle, I discovered it was closed. Dismayed, I went back to the interstate.

I just never saw what the big dill was.

Why are hot pickle buns so popular in polish women's prisons?

They're made out of dill dough.

Gas station was selling pickles 2 for 1

Dill of the day

I'm like a jumbo kosher pickle

Guess you could say I'm a pretty big dill.

What do you call a female pickle?

A dill-doe

What do you call it when a pickle makes a mistake?

A dill d'oh

Why is pickle flavored bread so satisfying?

Because it's made with a dill dough.

I Take Jumbo Pickles Very Seriously

I mean, it's a pretty big dill

I met a giant pickle today.

It was kind of a big dill.

A man starts a line of pickled venison ...

...the most popular flavor so far is dill doe.

Did you hear about the world's largest pickle?

It's a really big dill!

What kind of deer likes pickles?

A dill doe.

Scientists have invented a super sized pickle

It's a pretty big dill

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