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Funniest Digital Short Jokes

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  1. What's your favourite Chuck Norris joke? Let's start with one of my favs:
    "chuck norris' password is the last 9 digits of pi."
  2. 39 digits of pi accurately calculates the circumference of the universe to the width of a hydrogen atom Scientists still can't determine how much is needed for your mother though
  3. Welcome to the Alzheimer's information support page... ...please enter your 17 digit password.
  4. What's the difference between a digital camera and a sock? The camera takes photos and the the sock takes five toes.
  5. Courtesy of my [insert single-digit number] year old son/daughter. [Horrible pun I thought of last night]
  6. I have a Photographic memory Unfortunately it's digital and it didn't come with a memory card.
  7. Why were photographers so depressed before digital cameras were invented? They spent too long processing the negatives.
  8. I discriminate against people who lose digits on their feet to frostbite. I guess you could say I am lactose intolerant.
  9. My church decided to modernize and replace the collection plate with a digital platform Called Papal.
  10. Remember proper protection this valentines day Ensure your safeword is at least 8 characters long and has a fair mix of uppercase, lowercase and digits

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Digital One Liners

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  1. I know every single digit of pi! I just don't have them in the right order.
  2. Got a tattoo of a digital watch on my wrist. I regretted it literally one minute later.
  3. I tried to memorize 100 digits of pi today But why would I worry about pi on my cake day?
  4. How many digits of pi do you know? - All of them... I just always forget the order!
  5. What did digital clock say to Grandfather clock? "Look Grandpa, no hands!"
  6. What did the digital clock say to the analog clock? Look, no hands!
  7. I bet the ChatGPT servers are taking a leisurely stroll through the digital landscape.
  8. What was the first profession to go all digital? Proctology.
  9. What did the young digital clock say to its Grandfather clock? "Look Grandpa, no hands!"
  10. My password is the last 9 digits of pi.
  11. PIN number My PIN number is the last four digits of pi
  12. How do you set your digital location to Skyrim? You use NordVPN
  13. My proctologist is so high tech... He said my exam would be digital.
  14. The digital internet consists of 1s and 0s. That explains alot about my Tinder matches.
  15. What do you call two digital artists in a fight? Graphic Violence

Digital Marketing Jokes

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Hilarious Digital Jokes for a Fun-Filled Night with Friends

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at the proctologist

I was at the doctor, getting the digital r**... exam, and the doctor says: "At this point of the exam it is normal to get an e**...". I said"I don't have an e**...". The doctor says "No. But I do".

Did you know that Al Gore was booted as the drummer from his high school band and replaced with a drum machine?

It turns out they preferred a digital beat over an Al Gore rhythm…

Have you seen my digital boat?

Oh wait, its syncing.

What did the digital clock say to it's Mother?

"Look Ma, no hands!"

Where does a digital photographer hang his work?

On a jpeg.

How do you catch a digital fish


Mr Peg, my Digital Photography teacher, just passed away.

Rest in peace Jay.

I tried to make a clock with no battery for the digital clock competition

but it didn't count.

I work in digital advertising.

I'm a hand model.

What do you call a digital tree?

All bark and no byte

Why aren't digital images of bob marley scalable?

Because they're all rasta graphics.

A digital pirate lost his leg.

He now has a JPEG leg to replace it.

What letter do pirate's hate the most?

Dear Charter Internet Customer:

Charter Communications ("Charter") has been notified by a copyright owner, or its authorized agent, that your Internet account may have been involved in the exchange of unauthorized copies of copyrighted material (e.g., music, movies, or software). We are attaching a copy of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice that Charter received from the copyright holder which includes the specific allegation.

What did the male digital signal ask a female digital signal?

Do you do ANALog?

Why does the US military use digital camo?

They turned down the graphics for better performance

Measuring vs Questionaries

Me: To get the mass of each Can of chicken I used a digital scale
Teacher: Why did you use that method to obtain your data as
opposed to the other methods?
Me: Because the cans refused to answer the questionnaires honestly

My mates said they were going to get me a new digital clock for my birthday.

Turns out it was just a wind up.

What do you call an anti-aircraft gun that shoots high-quality digital audio files?

A .flac gun

My brother has been working on a belt with a built in digital clock.

Talk about a waist of time.

How come e**... games are always digital downloads?

I just want a physical release.

what does a digital seagull wear to the beech

a beak.ini

I was getting a prostate examination when the doctor said "just so you know, this is a digital r**... exam".

"I understand. I know what is involved", I reply.
The doctor elaborates, "Just so you know, this exam will likely cause an e**...".
I consider it for a moment and say, "That's fine, I've got it under control. It should be ok".
The doctor replies, "I wasn't talking about you."

Why did Slovakia move to digital banking?

because they ran out of Czechs

A cannibal had an unusual hobby.

He would save the extremities of bodies and use them to form works of art. The others began questioning him. "What's up with all these pictures made out of fingers and toes?" they asked. He responded, "Oh, I just really like working with digital media."

By tightly securing our Nuclear arsenal through human, digital, mechanical and chemical means, we've been able to almost completely eliminate the risk of nuclear warhead explosions due to accidents or hostile attacks, however if these past four years have taught us something ...

... it's that we also need to equip our nukes with child locks.

Just had my first ever prostate check. My doctor said it's called a digital r**... exam.

Felt more like it was a**...-og to me though.

What is an example of a Facebook paradox?

Discovering one of their user's is trying to build a bomb and having to decide between reporting him to the FBI or serving him ads for digital timers

New digital LOTR trading card JPEGs for sale!!!

Non Fungible Tolkien's

I can make digital art and canvas art easily.

But when it comes to paper, that's where I draw the line.

A man goes to buy a clock.

He's browsing in the clock shop. Suddenly he hears a little voice "Get digital you probably can't read analogue."
Startled, he looks around. Nobody is there.
A few minutes later, he hears another little voice "Your shoes belong in a museum!"
He spins around. Noone there.
As he walks on, he hears another little voice "Your face looks like a baked potato."
He looks around but nobody is near him.
He storms over to the store manager.
"What's going on, who keeps insulting me?"
The manager apologises
"I'm sorry. It's the wind- up watches."

My 7 year old is a dad

Me: I need to go get something from the car
Son: I want to come!
Me: no, just wait for me please
I come back inside to a digital scale sitting on the floor in front of the door
Son: okay, I *weighted* for you
I'm such a proud grampa

My friends digital lizard passed awat

He had e-reptile dysfunction


I have been downloading HD digital music but some people don't really like the format so I've been getting a lot of FLAC lately.

Digital joke, Why were photographers so depressed before digital cameras were invented?

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