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What are some Diffrence jokes?

whats the diffrence between a tornado and a divorce in the south?

nothing. sombodys losing a trailer!

Diffrence between potential and reality

An 8 years old son asks his dad:
the difference between 'Potential ' and 'reality?'

Dad turns to wife: "Would you sleep with
Barack Obama for $1 million?"

Wife: "Of course, I will never waste that opportunity."

Dad turns to daughter: "Would you sleep with Brat Pitt for $1 million?"

Daughter: Yes! He is my fantasy.

Dad turns to elder son: "Would u sleep with Tom Cruise for
$l million?"

Eldest son: "Why not? Imagine what I would do with that money."

Dad then turns to his youngest son: "You see son, 'Potentially ' we are living with 3 millionaires BUT in 'reality ' we are living with two prostitutes and one Gay

Snowmen and Snowwomen

What is the diffrence bewteen snowmen and snowomen?


What's the diffrence between a girl in a church and a girl in a bath?

The girl in a church has a soul full of hope and the girl in a bath has, well...

Whats the diffrence between General Custer and Jack Daniel's?

Jack Daniel's is still killing indians.

What's the diffrence between a...

What's the difference between a hockey player and a feminist?
After three periods the hockey player takes a shower.

How do you confuse a feminist?
Tell her that you refuse to allow her to make you a sandwich.

What the diffrence between a boy scout and a jew?

The boy scout comes home from camp

Whats the diffrence between landscaping and 911?

Landscaping is an outdoor job, 911 was an inside job

Whats The Diffrence Between A Fridge And A Child

The fridge Doesnt Care If You Stick You're Meat In It

What's the diffrence between a tiki torch and the white nationalist carrying it?

One is bright and the other one dim.

What's the diffrence between a Chickpea and a Gorbanzo bean?

I woun't pay a 100 bucks for a Gorbanzo bean on my face.

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