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A doctor flirted with me today, she said I was really sweet!

I think she meant I was really sweet, she worded it differently and said you're severely diabetic but I know what she meant. She said I'm type 2 and I told her she's my type too

My friends asked me where they could get a decent coffee table and I said I could make one for them for $500. They were delighted and agreed to it. But when I eventually got it to them, they seemed really ungrateful.

I have no idea why, it was fantastic. It rated 100 different types of coffee from 1 -10 and was one of the best spreadsheets I've ever made.

I've been researching some useless facts...

Want some examples?
I have found out that there are over 10,000 different types of lice.

And that's just off the top of my head.

LPT Request: My 2 year old son drew in permanent marker all over the walls

So I took a shower earlier today and left my 2 year old son in the living room with the TV on thinking he would be ok. I come out 20 minutes later and he covered the entire living room in green permanent marker that he somehow got a hold of. As you can imagine, I flipped out and immediately ran to the store to buy cleaning supplies. I tried at least five different types, and scrubbed for at least half an hour but the stain was still there. Does anybody have any good methods for getting blood out of the carpet?

I'm very good at remembering random facts.

For example, there are 3,500 different types of lice.

And that's just off the top of my head.

The three different types of rooster

What does a rooster say?


What does a crazy rooster say?


What does a Gay rooster say?


I have this problem where I hallucinate different types of health professionals,

So I'm seeing a psychologist

There are 10 different types of people

Those who understand binary and those who don't

After tonight's World Series game...

It looks like the Indians are going to have a different type of trail of tears.

Christmas has been a bit repetitive...

so I got a different type of tree just to spruce it up a bit

Kevin Bridges bus stop joke

I am a bus stop, ready on a bus, whilst a pleasant madman confirmed up.

He changed into throughout the road. He shouted β€œHoi u, Hoi u,…, Ai u ”.

Now whilst u are at a bus stop, at midnight, and a person instigates a communication with

β€œHoi u, Hoi u,…, Ai u ”,…, you type a,…,shite yourself!

You try to preserve your head down. Then the fellow shouts: β€œOi fats boy!”.

I’m status there, searching at the two different human beings on the bus stop. I’m looking to discern out their BMI!

But beside me had been those 2 thin pensioner types.

I wager this one’s for me!

And the fellow said: β€œFat boy. Give me a quid,…,or you’re getting stabbed!”

And I thought,…,a quid ? That is,…,pretty reasonable! Panic over!

I mean, I’ve by no means been stabbed, however I can believe it being really inconvenient.

You’d be blanketed in blood, need to visit the hospital, and be bodily and emotionally traumatized.

And here,…,we’ve were given a gentleman,…,providing me the threat to skip this sort of horrendous ordeal,…,

In this contemporary economic climate,…, for a trifling pound!

Now I’m a sucker for a bargain!

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Two succesful marine biologists come back from their recent expedition, near the seas of Indonesia.

Biologist 1: You won't believe our results. We documented so many different types of fish, including a lot of nautiluses.

Biologist 2: It's not a lie.

9 'different' types of clickbait. No.7 is 'shocking'.

1. Blah blah blah........
2. Blah blah blah........Γ—2
3. Blah blah blah........Γ—3
4. Blah blah blah........Γ—4
5. Blah blah blah........Γ—5
6. Blah blah blah........Γ—6
7. shocking
8. Blah blah blah........Γ—8
9. Blah blah blah........Γ—9

What's the difference between the types of Indians who live in Canada?

One type moves to Canada and opens up restaurants, the other type already have reservations.


Gender differences are funny and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Type "1" if you agree or "2" if you are a woman.

Really frustrating when autocorrect comes up with a *completely* different word just because you typed one letter wrong.

Someone told me there's an easy fix,
I just hope they're Rihanna.

A teen walks into a girl scout meeting.

They're learning how to tie different types of knots.

The girl says "Can I join you?"

They reply "Can you knot?"

What's the difference between a normal pirate and a sexy pirate?

The type of booty they plunder.

Why are there so many different types of pasta?

If I had a penne for every time I asked myself that

I dropped in at my ex's house to pick up a few things. While rummaging through her drawers I was surprised to find about 20 different types of medication.

I was expecting more...

Did you know that depending on their mood, people produce two different smelling types of sweat?

That's just my two scents on the topic

Donald Trump isn't irrational, he just advocates a different type of 'reason'

The kind that begins with a T.

There are two types of people who drive at 4 am:

1. Those who need to get a job
2. Those who need to get a different job

What do you call it when a medical student is exploring the different types of practices they are interested in?

A field trip

We talked about the different cases in my German class...

I didn't think that there were that many types of cheese

[OC] What's the difference between a drag show and a cashier?

Different types of transaction.

Did you know that the two different types of elephants have hugely different flaps?

The Asian Elephant has the small ears, which pretty much means its African cousin is earelephant.

What's the difference between a feminist and a gun?

A gun ain't gonna shoot me for making these type of jokes...

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