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Similarities and differences between the Canadian and Chinese constitution.

Both have freedom of speech but only one has freedom after speech.

It turns out that you can play a gong using air movement from pressure differences in a room.

It's true, you can play gong with the wind.

One of the main differences between men and women

Is the meaning of the phrase, "I used an entire box of tissues watching that movie."

Differences joke, One of the main differences between men and women

Girlfriends, wives, and hookers, and the differences between them.

Hookers say "Are you done yet?"
Girlfriends say "Are you done already?"
Wives say "Tan, we should paint the ceiling tan."

A job interview is a lot like a first date

The major differences being that you have no interest in sleeping with the other person and you'll end up making a lot of money if things go well. So basically, a job interview is exactly like a first date for a woman.


People think that there are nutritional differences between white eggs and brown eggs. but honestly there isnt, it's kind of like white kids and black kids.

They all taste the same.

Religious Differences.

What's the difference between a Muslim and an Atheist?

When faced with inconvertible truth, a Muslim will.......


Differences joke, Religious Differences.

How is an American teen girl different from an ISIS teen girl.

No differences. They both blow quite easily !

A lot of people make a big deal about age differences in couples. As far as I'm concerned a girl is fair game as soon as she's finished school.

So usually at about 3:15

My Ex-Wife

My ex-wife and I could not reconcile our marriage because of religious differences.

She thought she was God.

I disagreed.

What are the differences and similarities of flint michigan and the walking dead universe?

They are both post apocalyptic but only one produces brand new cars.

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What are the two biggest differences between an alligator and a crocodile?

The spelling and pronunciation.

An Englishman, a Scotsman and a Welshman...

An Englishman, a Scotsman and a Welshman meet by chance in a tavern. After a brief but vicious scuffle, they all agree to put their differences aside and work beat up the Irishman tending the bar.

I understand why there are so many undecided voters this election...

The differences between the candidates aren't as black and white as they were last time

People are so divided in this country these days. I don't think either side really realizes that until we all come together, despite our differences; until we all tolerate each other and become one....

We'll NEVER get rid of all the immigrants and Muslims.

Men vs Women

One of the greatest differences between men and women is the reaction to the word "facial"

Differences joke, Men vs Women

Religious differences

Judge: Why are you divorcing your wife?

Husband : We have major religious differences!

Judge: What are those differences??

Husband : She thinks she is God, I don't.

Old genie joke...

Three men find themselves stranded on a deserted island. After several years, despite their differences, they become close friends out of necessity. One day, they find an old lamp. On rubbing it clean, they release a genie who grants them each one wish.

"I wish to return to my old life!" Two of the men shout, disappearing in a puff of smoke.

The third man, a little slow, looks around at the empty island. Overcome by loneliness, he mutters, "I wish my friends were here."

To settle their differences, Jesus and Muhammed agree to pistols at dawn, Jesus wins...

...because drawing Muhammed is forbidden.

Why did the dentist and the orthodontist get into a fight?

They couldn't brush away their differences.

Father Sullivan and Rabbi Cohen were sitting on a park bench discussing the differences and similarities of their respective religions.

After some time, a young boy rode by on a bicycle. Father Sullivan leaned over and whispered to Rabbi Cohen, wow look that kid, I'd really like to screw him.

To which Rabbi Cohen replied, what do you mean 'screw him'? Screw him out of WHAT?

A priest, a rabbi, and a minister are all in a rowboat.

Despite their differences, they have a lovely afternoon.

I asked a German doctor about the anatomical differences between males and females...

I don't think he knows, cause he answered "Vas deferens?".

What's the difference between a poorly-dress man on a bicycle, and a well dressed man on a unicycle?


Actually wait, there's two differences.

Attire, and a tire.

Differences between Americans and British dialect.

British: Rubbish.
American: Garbage.

British: nappy.
American: diper.

British: school.
American: shooting range.

A Muslim and a Christian had a disagreement in a bar... they talked it over and resolved their differences because they are both Canadians.

A son asks his dad for some differences between the male and the female reproductive system.

"Some difference? There's a Vas Deferens!"

My girlfriend and I broke up over religious differences.

She thought she was God and I disagreed

Gender differences are funny and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Type "1" if you agree or "2" if you are a woman.

There are subtle differences in the Northern and Southern Dialect

Northern Euphemism for *long dong*

>My pp is PARTY SIZE

Southern Euphemism for *long dong*


In these trying times, we all need to put our differences aside and make a special prayer for President Donald Trump. I suggest Psalm 109:8 ...

...Β "Let his days be few; and let another take his office."

I've been looking into the differences between propeller mechanics and human anatomy lately;

And I've gotta say: I'm not a fan.

In spite of all our differences here on Reddit, I'm glad about one thing.

Everyone reading this.... is on the same page.

Religious differences

I heard you got divorced? What happened?

Religious differences destroyed our marriage.

Religious differences?

Yes, I wasn't allowed to love my neighbor.

Mothers day scultpures

Ellis and Chris are up late carving sculptures of a mother holding a baby for their Mothers Day stall.

All of them look the same the only differences are the flowers in the mother's hair.

Chris tells a story to Ellis about his favorite flower and why.

*Ellis rolls his eyes*

Chris: "What's YOUR favorite flower Ellis?"

Ellis sighs, gets up, and walks over to their finished pieces, picks one up and gets a splinter in his thumb.

Ellis puts the sculpture down and looks at Chris.

Chris: "So?"

Ellis turns around and as he walks out of the room he replies:

"Chris...sand the mums."

We did it Reddit! For ONE GLORIOUS DAY, people of the world will put aside their differences! There'll be no hunger, no pain, no suffering! No war, no fighting! Peace will embrace us like a warm blanket! Sickness and disease will cease! So please welcome this momentous occasion....

February 30, 2021

I thought I saw a Direwolf, but it turns out it was just a regular wolf.

I can't believe I got the two confused, the differences are Stark.

Did you hear about the mathematicians who got a divorce?

There were irreconcilable differences and one was a functioning alcoholic

The difference between ravens and crows

Today I learned there are very few differences between ravens and crows. But one key difference is they have a different amount of tail feathers, so really, the difference is a matter of a pinion.

posted on behalf of my SO

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