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If you don't like the weather...

in Chicago, wait 10 minutes.

in San Francisco, walk 2 blocks.

in New York, go on vacation.

in Phoenix, move.

in San Diego, you're wrong.

What do you call a waffle you drop in the desert?

San Diego

^^^^^i'll ^^^^let^^^^myself^^^^out

What does an optimist call the World Trade Center?

San Diego.

Diego joke, What does an optimist call the World Trade Center?

Do you think, when they were looking for that Carmen girl, that they ever checked San Diego?

Just a thought.

My dad has the heart of a lion

And a life time ban from the San Diego Zoo.

i asked "where"

I work in a hospital. I once asked a confused patient if she had pain. She said yes. I said "Where?" She said, "San Diego."

{WATCH MLB} San Diego Padres vs Washington Nationals live...

Diego joke, {WATCH MLB} San Diego Padres vs Washington Nationals live...

What do you call a Mexican baby born yesterday?


What US city has the dirtiest frozen waffles?

San Diego

Where do you eat toaster waffles on the beach?

San Diego!!

Where in the world was Carmen, San Diego.

San Diego, you idiot.

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Why is Diego's slogan "Go Diego Go"

It was the last thing his mother said before she got shot by the border patrol

Where are you when you're eating an Eggo on the beach and you drop it in the sand?

San Diego

(thought of this myself, it's better spoken)

What do you call a Mexican Juggalo?

A Faygo Diego

Who is Santa Claus?

Because if in Spanish, "Santo" or "San" is used for male saints...
(San Francisco, San Diego)
And "Santa" is used for female saints...
(Santa Monica, Santa Barbara)
Wouldn't that make Santa Claus transsexual?

San Diego Comic Con and Dragoncon are going to pull their resources and merge into one event.

But it was called off because no one was happy with the con fusion.

Diego joke, San Diego Comic Con and Dragoncon are going to pull their resources and merge into one event.

Why did all the phones die in San Diego?

Because they had no chargers.

What city has the worst toaster waffles?

San Diego

What city has the most people eating waffles on the beach?

San Diego

Why does every person from San Diego have dead electronics?

Their chargers relocated to Los Angeles!

The genitalia of Juan Diego Sanches Garcia Hernandez

is shorter than his name.

They're gonna put San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con together, but people didn't quite get it

They said it was con-fusing

There's been a shooting at the San Diego bikini contest.

Don't worry though, everyone made it out in a one-piece!

What do California and a breakfast on the beach have in common?

They both have a San Diego.

I dropped my waffle on the beach the other day...

You know what I had?
A San Diego

TIL there's a city named after a waffle dropped on the beach

San Diego

What is Diego the Explorer's favorite car?

An Aventador-a.

I just realized today...

that Dora the Explorer came before her cousin Diego. That doesn't happen often.

What's A Californians Favorite Waffle?

A Sandy Eggo (San Diego)

The guy who named San Diego...

must have dropped his breakfast waffle at the beach.

What did the Angry Video Game Nerd do at the San Diego Zoo after playing Rocky on the Sega Master System?

he took a bath in elephant feces!

The San Diego Padres visited an orphanage in Mexico...

"It's really sad to see their faces with no hope" said Juan, age 9.

Not sure if this is original

What do you call a waffle on the beach?

A San Diego

My mate needed a bone marrow transplant

We found a match in Argentina

The operation was a success

Our thanks go out to Diego Marrow Donor.

Where are you when you take your waffle to the beach?

San Diego!

What do Mexicans say when they start a race?


What do new IPhones have in common with San Diego?

No Chargers.

What do you call a waffle on the beach?

A San Diego

I just heard that Tony Bennett has Alzheimers.

He left his heart in San Diego.

A passenger at an airport in New York was at the counter

-I'm going California for business, I want to go to Los Angeles, I want to send the big suitcase in my right hand to San Francisco and the smaller suitcase on ground to San Diego.

-Excuse me sir, but I'm afraid that's not possible, we can't do that.

-Great then, because that's what you did on my last flight.

One time a kid offered me a San Diego waffle. Had no idea what it was, so I said sure. So he hands me an Eggo waffle covered in sand.

I didnt wanna look like an idiot, so I ate it.

What city will you find waffles thrown on the beach?

San Diego

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